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Exposure is essential to the success of any business.  It is not enough to simply identify your target audience, you must also cultivate the skills and tools to reach them.  That’s where DFW Craft Shows can help.  Hone your photography skills, discuss your business strategy, and build your following while our Vendor Directory helps you capture new leads.



Our highly customizable Vendor Directory is the only one of it's kind in North Texas.  We help shoppers and events not only discover but also share and support new, local artisans.

  • Customizable vendor profile
  • Mini gallery to show off your work
  • Links to your website & social media channels
A potter sits at the wheel painting a small, handmade vase a robin's egg blue.
Two hands can be seen holding fuscia knitting needs that match their thread and finger nails. They are working on what looks to be the beginning of a project.


Promo Power

VIP Vendors reap the benefit of promotions both on the website and across our social media platforms, which attract over 19K followers.

  • Highly prominent site placement
  • Vendor Directory promoted across DFW Craft Shows
  • Vendor promo on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter
  • Vendor Promo in our Weekend Guide newsletter
  • Priority referrals in response to all vendor requests

find the perfect event

Personalized Event Listings

Not every event is going to have the ingredients that you need to succeed.  It can be exceedingly difficult to single out the ones that do.  That's why we offer extensive, detailed search filters to help our VIPs.  Customize your event search results to your personal venue needs.

  • Narrow results to events still accepting apps
  • Sort events by vendor categories desired
  • Refine results by booth price, perks, etc
  • Filter by duration, indoor/outdoor & more
A person can be seen leaning against a work bench, holding their laptop up while working on it. There are tools around the workshop and the person is wearing a yellow shirt, beanie, and apron.
A painter holds their palette in both hands, and paint of all colors can be seen across the plate like a rainbow starry night. They are holding a long, skinny paint brush and wearing an apron.

connect and grow

VIP Vendor Group

Our private VIP Facebook group was built for the sole purpose of connecting with and supporting our VIP Vendors as they grow their businesses.

  • Connect with other local, small businesses
  • Privately discuss events, logistics, etc
  • Personalized feedback on branding and photography
  • Early Bird Vendor Calls help you beat the crowd


Exclusive access


$9/ month

when billed yearly

Limited time only.
Regular price $11/month.

I love helping artisans develop their brand and share their soul with the world. That’s why I created DFW Craft Shows and it will always be one of the biggest motivating factors behind what I do.  I want to help you realize your potential, reach your ideal client, and focus on your passion.

Illustrated character version of DFW Craft Show's owner, Tania, is talking while looking and gesturing to her left. She is wearing an orange striped shirt and glasses. There is a navy ombre background behind her.

What vendors are saying

Elevate your business

For less than $10 a month, unlock exclusive features across DFW Craft Shows and enjoy a variety of unique opportunities tailored specifically to the success of your business.

The DFW Craft Shows Vendor Directory is a highly marketed meeting place of the creative minds.  Events and Shoppers (local and nationwide) come here looking for small businesses and talented artisans to support.

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VIPs reap the benefits of our Vendor Directory promos, which run both on the website and across our newsletters & social media.  DFW Craft Shows leverages a following of 30K+ across multiple channels.

Join our private VIP group to connect with other small businesses and exchange advice on branding, photography, marketing and more. Early Bird Vendor Calls help you beat the crowd.

Tired of spending time wading through event listings to find the perfect fit for you and your business?  VIPs unlock advanced search filters to help customize event results to their specific budget and needs.