My event was canceled. Can I get a refund on my event listing upgrade or additional services?

Each event listing is curated by hand and requires a considerable amount of time to process and promote. For this reason, we do not offer refunds on any of our event promotion services, even if the event is canceled. For more information, see our Terms of Service.

Why is my VIP cover photo blurry?

It may be because you uploaded an image that is smaller than your profile. Aim for an image that is at least 1100 px wide for a clear, crisp image.

How do I view my live ad statistics?

When you signed up for ad space, you received an email with the link to your live ad statistics–but what happens if you forget to bookmark it or lose track of the email? Never fear, you can find your statistics link on your account page, just look for the “Ad Statistics” tab. It’s on the left hand side, right above “Log Out.”  

Still having trouble? Drop us a line at!

Can I change the graphic for my banner ad?

Sure! You can change submit a new graphic using the same Ad Setup form that you used to create your order. Please include your order number and leave a note letting us know that you submitting an update. Please also note that your new graphic will still be tied into the same statistics information as your previous graphic. If you want separate tracking information, you will need to purchase a new ad unit.

How do I manage my subscription services?

If you would like to edit, update, or cancel your subscription, you can do so by visiting your account page and clicking on the tab that reads “subscriptions.”

What does “verified” on an event listing mean?

When an event crosses our desk that we have listed throughout the years, we will mark it verified to let you know that we have worked with this event before. Verified can also mean that we have confirmed event details, to the best of our ability, with the venue. Vendors are still encourage to do their own due diligence. You can view our disclaimer for more info.

Why is my VIP Profile not showing up in the Vendor Directory?

If you are a subscribing member of our VIPS, but you do not see your profile displaying in the Vendor Directory, please check to make sure you have uploaded a profile picture and selected at least 1 product category. You can edit your profile from the user menu by clicking the settings/gear in the top right and selecting “Profile.”

Can I advertise my event on your site or page?

Start by submitting your event information.  DFW Craft Shows is a great way to reach a variety of exciting and unique local vendors–shoppers too.  Our website and expansive social media channels specialize in targeted marketing for communities across the extended North Texas area all the way up until the week of your event.

With our tiered Event Listing levels, design services, and a la carte advertising options, DFW Craft Shows offers tailored event marketing solutions to suit your budget and needs. Get started today by filling out a survey about your event here.

Do you offer advertising space on your site?

DFW Craft Shows prominently displays banner ads throughout the website, on both desktop and mobile.  We offer banner ads in a variety of sizes to fit any budget.  You can find more information on our Advertising here.

(Advertising space refers to digital banner ads that rotate in multiple locations across the site. Banner ads are available in multiple sizes and are charged per a 30 day period. Google Adsense is an example of a popular banner ad service. Banner ads help exposure by displaying all over the site and directing traffic back to your event/business.  Event Listings are not banner ads.  You can learn more about our event listings here)

What’s the difference between an Event Listing and advertising space?

DFW Craft Shows offers a variety of marketing options at a broad range of price points. We understand the terminology can get confusing.

Event Listings are specific to a single occurrence of an event. You submit your information on the website and an event listing is created specifically for you.  These listings are posted upon approval and remain live until after your event. Various listing upgrades can grant you additional exposure and features throughout the site.

Advertising space, however, refers to a digital banner ad that rotates in multiple locations across the site. Banner ads are available in multiple sizes and are billed per a 30 day period.  You can find more information on our advertising page.

Whenever you are browsing a website and see ads inserted in the sidebars and between posts, etc, you are looking at banner ads. Banner ads help exposure by rotating throughout the site and directing targeted traffic back to your event/business.

I’m looking for a specific type of vendor. Can you help?

Of course! First, take a look at our Vendor Directory. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, try posting in our facebook group or shoot us an email at

How long will my event listing be available?

Event listings remain on the website until your event date has passed, but they may only be on the front page for a short time.  If you want to keep your event listing rotating front and center across the website, consider a Platinum Listing for sponsored event status.

Please do not resubmit your event information in an attempt to get back on the front page–duplicate listings will not be processed.

My event has been canceled. What should I do?

Contact us at ASAP.  Please email us from the same account from which you submitted the event.

My event no longer needs vendors. Can I still submit it?

Yes! Even if your event has no space left in your vendor marketplace, DFW Craft Shows can still help increase your event’s exposure and boost your attendance. Once you submit your event information, your event will be entered into the submission queue to be added to the website, calendar, and appropriate Weekend Guide within the time frame associated with your event listing tier. Please consider a Premium or Platinum Listing to include your event graphics.

How can I report an error on an event listing?

Each event listing has a link at the bottom where you can report an error, but you can also email us at  Please include the event name and the text “ERROR” in the subject line.

I’d like to be included in your Vendor Directory.

You can learn all about becoming a VIP Vendor and joining our Directory here. VIP vendors have access to a number of advanced features throughout the site including advanced event search filters and placement in our vendor directory.  VIPs are also invited to join our private VIP Facebook group focused on supporting vendors and growing small businesses.

I already have an event listing, can I still upgrade?

Yes, of course. Please follow the upgrade links that were in your event submission confirmation email or contact us at so we can help you.  You will not have to re-submit your event information.

We are full on vendors. How can I delete my listing?

The short answer is you can’t—but you wouldn’t want to anyway! Your event listing is still driving traffic to your event, and it will be included in the Weekend Guide to help boost attendance.

We completely understand if you no longer want to receive vendor applications, though. Just email us at or report that your vendor booths are full from the bottom of your event listing.  We will update your listing and let folks know that you are no longer accepting vendor applications.

Can I advertise my business on your site or social media?

DFW Craft Shows offers a number of advertising solutions for vendors to gain extra exposure through our website and social media channels.  Some of these options include:

  • Join the VIPs and unlock the full marketing potential of our site.
  • Elevate and support the growth of your brand with our amazing Design Team.
  • Leverage our full menu of Advertising Services to reach potential customers both on our website and through our expansive social media channels.
Do you cover events outside of DFW?

DFW Craft Shows covers arts & crafts related events across the extended North Texas area. If you have an event that is outside of this area that you feel would be of interest to our readers, please feel free to email us at to discuss.

Do you have a mailing list for event information?

Umm… we actually have two!  We believe your inbox is sacred and only want you to receive the kind of emails you are interested in.  When you join our mailing list, you get to choose if you want news related to:

  • Locals
  • General Arts and Crafts
  • Vendors

Our locals mailing list includes our Weekend Guide, which is published weekly with detailed information on all the events coming up that weekend. It also includes other exciting content like crafts, gift guides and giveaways–but don’t worry, we won’t flood your inbox.

Our vendor mailing list includes vendor calls, small business advice, craft show tips, and more! You can join the newsletter of your choosing by selecting your interests in the dialogue below.

Please note: Our VIPs unlock an exclusive newsletter that includes email alerts for every event we process.

How is ad space billed?

Our ad space is billed on a monthly basis (30 days).  We offer a discounted monthly subscription, or you can purchase per month.

What if I don’t have a banner ad but I’m interested in ad space?

Our Designers specialize in creating graphics to support and elevate small businesses. We offer a variety of branding and design packages to fit for your business goals and budget.

What type of advertisers do you accept?

All advertisements are subject to approval, and we reserve the right to refuse any advertisement that we feel is would not be a good fit for DFW Craft Shows.

I need to edit my event listing.

Please contact us at if you need to edit or update your event listing.  Multiple changes may incur a processing fee. Some major event changes may also require a new listing.  Extra Shout Outs are available if you would like your changes to be promoted on social media.

I submitted my information. Where is my event listing?

Processing times for event listings varies from 2 weeks to 2 days, depending on the event listing tier you have selected.  We highly recommend listing upgrades to guarantee the expedited processing of your event.  You can contact us at if you would like to upgrade your event after submission.  We will collect only the additional information needed; you will not have to resubmit your event.

Still have questions?