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6th Annual Craft Sale

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This is our 6th Annual Craft Sale. We have vendors with all different kinds of items to sell. There are items such as jewelry bags, bowl cozies, potholders, fabric bowls, potato cookers, tooth pillows, pampered chef, kitchen towels, crochet items, earrings, crosses, key chains, hand soaps, liquid soaps, and many other items! Spaces for sales are rented and we still have some spaces left. Hope you can rent a space to sell your items. Also, hope you will be able to come and shop at our craft sale.


April 27, 2024
9:00am - 3:00pm




Everman Area Retired School Employees Association (EARSEA)
213 Race Street
Everman, TX 76140


Vendor Details

You may rent a table only if you want to or you may bring your own table.

Booth Info


10 X 6 - $35


chairs, parking, lunch

Additional Services

Tables – $5


Vendor Application File
Booth Map File
Vendor Applications due 04/24/2024.

Contact Info

Barbara Harrell - baharrell@tx.rr.com / (817) 229-1796

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Published on March 28, 2024. Event info updated on March 28, 2024.



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