20+ Halloween Candy Alternatives [Teal Pumpkin Project]

October 01, 2023 |
A teal bowl full of halloween themed non-food creative treats for an inclusive food allergy friendly Halloween

Holidays can be such a scary time for families trying to safely navigate their kiddos through food allergies and dietary restrictions, especially at Halloween.  That is one of the reasons that the Teal Pumpkin Project is so near and dear to my heart.  Both of my children have struggled with food allergies and dietary restrictions in their early years. I have struggled with them most of my adult life. I know how hard it is to feel excluded, and I know how amazing it feels to be accommodated and included.

Though it is possible to find allergy friendly candy to hand out for Halloween, there is no catch-all allergy free Halloween candy guaranteed to work for everyone (especially when issues with food dyes and sugars come into play). Food allergies are extremely varied and individualized, but it’s actually quite easy to provide inclusive and safe Halloween treats that everyone will enjoy. In this guide, I will cover several Halloween candy alternatives that you can offer to ensure every kiddo gets a little something special this Halloween.

For your convenience, all the Halloween candy alternatives highlighted below—and TONS more—can be found in one, easy to access location on my Teal Pumpkin Project Treat Amazon List.

This post may contain affiliate links and may support DFW Craft Shows at no additional cost to you. DFWCS participates in the Amazon affiliate program, but DFWCS is in no way associated with Amazon or the items below. The opinions stated above are my own, and I have not received any sponsorship or free products from the aforementioned manufacturers.

A teal bowl full of halloween themed non-food creative treats for an inclusive food allergy friendly Halloween. Text reads "halloween non candy treat guide"

Halloween Candy Alternatives Guide

Below you will find our table of contents style quick links for each section outlined below. Definitely check out the sections you are interested in, as they contain a more in-depth exploration of our Halloween Candy Alternatives suggestions along with considerations, examples, and links.

1. Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are the gift that keeps giving on Halloween night. Kids will love to play with them on this special up-late-night when the world is dark and full of possibilities. Glow sticks are perfect for play and help visibility (as an added safety bonus).  We especially loved this glow stick variety pack complete with glow in the dark glasses, necklaces, bracelets, and a ton of connectors to make glow in the dark toys and decor. But the fun doesn’t stop there, you can find all sorts of teal pumpkin treats that will illuminate your night, from bugs (uh, cool!?) to finger flashlights and flashing LED rings, so there’s no excuse to stay in the dark on these Halloween candy alternatives.

2. Washi Tape

This one might seem weird, but I swear washi tape is one of our FAVORITE things.  My kids use it to decorate gifts, cards, drawings, me, each other, the Kleenex box… Everything gets an extra special arts and crafts touch around here. And one thing I love about washi tape? It comes off easily and doesn’t cause any damage to walls, wood furniture, finishes etc.

An assortment of orange, white, and black halloween themed stickers lays on a wooden table

3. Stickers

I’ve yet to meet a kid that didn’t love stickers. My kids horde them all over the house! I love these vinyl stickers because they come in a variety of themes and aren’t super pricey. The quality is pretty nice, and everyone (parents included) can use them to decorate their art, devices, school supplies, folders, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc.

I recently purchased both kiddos some super cute Reusable Sticker Books so they could keep all their stickers in one location and flip through them like a little library when they are crafting. The books are travel size, hold a surprising amount of stickers, and BONUS POINTS: stickers are no longer piled up all over my house. So, just something to keep in mind this holiday season… a reusable sticker book is not just a gift for your kids. Ha!

4. Stamps

Stamps can be iffy for some really sensitive kids, especially ones who struggle with anaphylaxis or FPIES, as the inks can contain soy. (The same is true of bubbles.) We’ve had a lot of kids ask about them, though, so I usually include them in my teal pumpkin treat assortment. You can find a variety of Halloween stamps, but they don’t have to be Halloween, themed, of course. Any themed stamps are super exciting when it’s time to sit down and get creative.

A variety of Halloween themed notepads, including skulls, cats, eyeballs, pumpkins, monsters, and more, sit on a dark wood surface

5. Spooky Variety Packs

Halloween Variety Packs feature all sorts of goodies like Halloween themed pencils, stickers, and rubber duckies.  This other Variety Pack has everything from vampire fangs to fake fingers.

6. Puzzle Erasers

When I was a kiddo, I had a full collection of erasers that I treasured. My children share this love, as they are both creating their own impressive collection of animal and food puzzle erasers. They take them apart and put them back together over and over again, but they also do some great imaginative play with them.  Do not give these to the wee little ones though… they could be choking hazards for sure.

Top down view of a teal bowl full of non-food teal pumpkin treats for halloween including stickers, erasers, and more

7. Temporary Tattoos

If your kids are handing out candy and treats, what about letting them set up a little temporary tattoo stand at the front door? There’s a million different designs to choose from, and it only takes about 15 – 30 seconds to apply.  Use a spray bottle and have a couple of towels on hand–they are sure to have a blast! Again, anything with ink can contain soy, but that’s the great thing about having multiple options. The parents will guide the kids to the treat that is the right fit for them.

8. Sticky Stuff

No treat box is complete without something sticky and weird.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  “But, Tania, I don’t really like sticky hands.  Is there something else that’s sticky and fun?”  Oh boy, Barbara. You bet your bottom dollar there is. (I highly recommend the monkey noodles. My kids are playing or fidgeting with one at all times lately, it seems.)

Tip: For the youngest of youngsters, consider handing toys directly to them/their parents or ask mom and dad to choose. That way you don’t have to experience the joys that are a toddler spurned when they accidentally pick something out that is not age appropriate.

9. Slap Bracelets

Slap Bracelets were The Thing™ when we were in school, and they have withstood the test of time. They even have flippy sequin slap bracelets now. Brilliant.

10. Fidgets

Fidgets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and make for a seriously fun allergy friendly Halloween treat. Different fidget types appeal to different sensory needs, so there is no “best fidget” to buy. Try a variety and see what the kids in your area like. Here are just a few of our favorites:

packs of the pokemon trick or trade booster packs from 2022 and 2023
Costco is a great place to stock up on Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOster Packs.

11. Pokemon BOOster Packs

Last year, Pokemon came out with a fantastic Halloween candy alternative–Trick or Trade BOOster Packs! These special Pokemon mini-packs contain 3 cards: 1 holo and 2 regular cards, all three with special Trick or Trade BOOster promo stamps. The orange packaging is from the 2022 Trick or Trade BOOster packs, and the green packaging is from the newer, 2023 Trick or Trade BOOster Packs. These have been a HUGE hit with the kids. You can find these Trick or Trade BOOster Bundles nearly everywhere, but I highly recommend getting them at Costco (if you are a member). The BOOster Bundles there are larger (120 count) than the regular retail packs (50 count), and end up being cheaper per pack.

A teal bowl full of halloween themed non-food creative treats for an inclusive food allergy friendly Halloween. Text reads "halloween non candy treat guide"

The list goes on

Each year I buy a few new Halloween candy alternatives to get in the Halloween spirit, and I mix those with our current selection left over from the previous years.  Transforming your home into an inclusive, allergy-friendly Halloween stop does not have to be expensive or time consuming. Matter of fact, one of the great things about non candy Halloween treats is the ability to save leftovers year to year. And, unlike candy, your leftover Halloween candy alternatives will not negatively affect your waistline, blood sugar, or wallet.

Pro Tip: After Halloween is over, hit up the clearance aisles to replenish your Halloween candy alternatives on the cheap. You will already have a stash in progress, ready to go for next year!

Are you beginning to see the endless possibilities for allergy free Halloween candy alternatives? It is not at all difficult or expensive to provide an inclusive Halloween experience. The extra effort means the world to those families who may have otherwise had to sit out such a food-centric holiday. All anyone wants for their kids is to simply be able to enjoy their experiences, like everyone else. Every effort you make, every teal pumpkin you see, is another step towards realizing that dream.

If you are still looking for unique and fun Halloween candy alternatives, all the items above (and much more) can be found in one convenient location on my Teal Pumpkin Treat List featured on Amazon.

A word of advice

There are some non-food treats that contain common food allergy ingredients, such as Play Doh, Slime, Crayons, etc. There are lots of “Top 8 Allergen Friendly” candies out there that you can have on hand, but please be aware that many children are allergic to foods outside of the Top 8 and would not be able to enjoy these “allergy free Halloween candies.”  As someone with kiddos who did not get the memo about only having the “popular food allergies,” I choose to only offer food-based treats separately, sometimes skipping them all together.

A teal pumpkin, jack o lantern, with the words "Teal Pumpkin Guide" over it

We appreciate you

To everyone who has taken the time to read this, buy Halloween candy alternatives, and pop a teal pumpkin out front—I want you to know the magnitude of what you’re doing. For children who have no allergy friendly Halloween candy options, that teal pumpkin on your porch is like a beacon of light. This one small gesture of inclusion means everything to both parent AND child who are trying their best to stay safe while still having a “normal” holiday experience. 

Thank you for providing allergy safe halloween treats. Thank you for thinking of our families.

You can read more about the teal pumpkin project here.

Links included above are affiliate links and may support DFW Craft Shows at no additional cost to you. DFWCS participates in the Amazon affiliate program, but DFWCS is in no way associated with Amazon or the items above. The opinions stated within are my own, and I have not received any sponsorship or free products from the aforementioned manufacturers.

Originally posted on October 18, 2018.


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  1. Love this list! We also participate in the real pumpkin project in honor of our youngest who cannot have any Halloween candy. This gave me some great new ideas to add to our pumpkin!


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