Slime Sweetpea Review [Peachybbies Slime Alternative]

July 12, 2022 |
slime rice krispie treats and brownie bread with the title text "slime sweetpea slime review"

Peachybbies might be one of the most popular slimes on the block, but they certainly aren’t the only small business pumping out creative and clever slimes. I noticed that lots of our followers were watching our Peachybbies Slime unboxing/review and getting pretty frustrated. They were listening to us rave about Peachybbies, offering tips and tricks to snag their own, but still struggling to grab the trend-setting slime themselves.

Here’s the thing. There are LOTS of awesome and creative slimes out there. Peachybbies is definitely one of them, but they aren’t the only slimy fish in the sensory sea. That’s why we are talking about Peachybbies alternatives today. First up: Slime Sweetpea.

All the products seen here were purchased by yours truly. The opinions stated below are my own, and I have not received any sponsorship or free products from the aforementioned manufacturers.

open box full of packing peanuts and slime sweetpea slime and extras sitting on the table

Slime Sweetpea

I’ve been following Slime Sweetpea on social media for quite some time, and they look like a serious contender for the slime heavy weight championship in our house. Sally, the owner of Slime Sweetpea, has easily established herself as an expert in all things slime. She is extremely active in the slime community, constantly supporting and lifting up other slime makers on her social media. Her own slime creations at Slime Sweetpea are so incredibly unique and clever. The whole house is super excited to dig into these slimes and let you know what’s up in this Slime Sweetpea Review.


As you can see in our unboxing video above, our Slime Sweetpea delivery came with the following:

  • Mint Choco Rice Krispie Treats Slime
  • 2 Rice Krispie Treats
  • Extra Mint Choco Mix-ins
  • Chocolate Chip Brownie Bread Slime
  • Brownie Bread
  • 2 packets of Borax*
  • Slime care card*
  • Bonus Slime*
  • Bonus Mix-ins*

*These items arrived via a second shipment. More details below.

A hand holds a clear slime container with yellow lid that reads "mint choco rice krispie treats"

Mint Choco Rice Krispie Treats

  • Mint & Chocolate Confetti
  • Extra Mint & Chocolate Mix-ins
  • 2 Rice Krispie Treats


Oh boy. If you want a good laugh, you’ll need to pop over and watch our unboxing video. You can witness my full sensory panic as I pulled out the first slime. You see, I did not realize that slime can “melt.” It’s no fault of the seller, by the way. Both Peachybbies and Slime Sweetpea have info available about slimes melting, deflating, drying out, etc. Slime stuff just happens, and melting simply requires re-activation via borax.

Of course, when you don’t already know that or have borax on hand, you are left doing the best you can. For me, that looked like mixing and mixing and mixing the slime up, hoping it would magically come together. When that didn’t work, I added the rice krispie treats. And when that only got us half way there, I emailed Slime Sweetpea. They responded almost immediately with a package in the mail complete with borax for re-activating the slime AND a bonus gift. I’ll include that info, including the bonus slime, below.

Once we had reactivated the slime, it was the perfect slime texture: stretchy and deliciously pliable, while still being fluffy and squishy. Lots of great sound effects and smushing enjoyment. You can see this slime in action on our video here.

Slime rice krispie treats are packaged in plastic and sit next to a bag of extra slime mix-ins


The rice krispie treats were SO MUCH FUN. I absolutely loved squishing and mixing them into the main slime. I loved the way they affected the overall texture, and all the little confetti things were just plain fun.


This slime had a strong, sweet and minty smell. It was a little too intense for me on day 1, but it hasn’t really bothered me since. My kids really liked the smell and found it exciting compared to the other slimes we have.


This Slime Sweetpea slime was both a teaching experience and made for a few fun activities. We enjoyed re-activating it, but even more-so, the kids really enjoyed playing with the reconstituted slime. The smooth texture and stretch made for an excellent sensory experience, and the rice krispies were a real treat.

empty borax packets with the text "1 tsp borax do not eat" sit next to a container of borax mixture


First, I want to let you know that you can request borax packets in the notes section of your Slime Sweetpea order. I did this with our initial order, but there was a mix up and we didn’t end up with the care sheet or borax. No worries though. As soon as I emailed them, they were getting a package sent out with the replacement packets AND a bonus slime.

To re-activate your slime, you will need:

  • 1 tsp borax
  • 1 cup of warm water

Mix the two together until the borax has dissolved. Then add the borax solution to your slime, bit by bit, and knead, knead, knead the slime back into shape. You can see the whole process in our video here. The process is very straightforward, easy, and honestly… a little therapeutic. I wasn’t exactly sure how much to start with, so if you have tips, please drop them in the comments below!

a hand holds a clear slime container with yellow lid above packaging. The label reads "chocolate chip brownie bread"

Chocolate Chip Brownie Bread

  • Chunky Chips
  • Brownie Bread


The Chocolate Chip Brownie Bread slime was soft, smooth, stretchy, and bouncy. It produced more crackles and pops than the Mint Choco, but it wasn’t quite as fluffy. We were able to create some pretty nice bubbles with it. You can see this slime in action on our video here.


The brownie bread that came with this slime was awesome. It had a very realistic bread like surface texture my daughter really enjoyed squishing it.

brownie bread slime being held by two hands


The kids thought this slime smelled like chocolate and vanilla, mixed together. It was more subtle than the Mint Choco and I found it more enjoyable as well. I think it made my kids hungry because both were prowling the kitchen for cookies shortly thereafter.


My daughter declared this Slime Sweetpea slime her all time favorite slime. She loved it more than her Peachybbies even! She had a blast harvesting all the chunky chocolate chips and then mixing them back in. Both kids played a lot of treasure hunting games with it, and they have spent more time with this slime than any other slime so far.

half open jar of sparkly crunchy slime spread between a clear container and a yellow lid being opened


  • Metallic Beads
  • Rainbow Flower Gemstones


Extra crunchy. This slime was a crunch fest of texture and sound, and I loved it. It was so satisfying to smush all the metallic beads around, stretch, and squish all the air out. You can see this slime in action on our video here.


As if this Celebrity Slime wasn’t blinged up enough, it came with a few extra gemstones to take your red carpet look next level.


I had a hard time placing the scent of this slime, but my best guess would be fresh laundry. I really liked the smell and found the entire experience quite soothing.


Ah, we’ve got another fan favorite here, and this was mine. Slime Sweetpea sent this bonus slime to us with our missing borax, and I recognized it immediately from their site. I was really excited to crunch, smush, and stretch this slime. I found working with it to be very relaxing. It was truly a unique sensory experience for us, and I will definitely be looking at more of these crunchy slimes in the future.

Side note: As I mentioned in our unboxing video, this slime container did leak a bit in transit. They have since changed their containers to avoid future quality control issues.

holding two slime sweetpea slime containers fresh out of the box. They are clear containers with yellow lids and a logo with two peas and a heart between them

How to get Slime Sweetpea Slime

I decided to place my order with Slime Sweetpea randomly. If you have ever tried to purchase slime from Peachybbies, you will understand the significance of that statement. I did not look up their drop date. I did not set a calendar reminder. I did not have to pre-load the site, log in, countdown the seconds. I just dropped in, gathered up my cart, and checked out. My slime arrived 3 days later. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


You can usually find slimes in stock on Slime Sweetpea at any given time, but they do have restock dates as well. Slime Sweetpea typically restocks on Saturdays at 3PM EST. They do not restock every Saturday, though. You can find information about when their new slimes will drop by checking their Instagram. (Don’t forget to check them out on TikTok for coupon codes.)

Though their super popular slimes may sell out over the weekend, Slime Sweetpea typically has a selection of slimes in stock all the way until the next drop. For example, their most recent restock was on 6/25, and they still have 6 different slimes available right now.

collage of slime sweetpea container with yellow lid and their clay slime with text "slime sweetpea slime review"


Slime Sweetpea slimes range from $10 – $17 depending on the complexity of the slime. This price puts them on average about the same as Peachybbies, with some slimes costing a bit more and some slimes a bit less. The shipping price was a little higher ($14) vs Peachybbies ($9), but the slimes were also traveling farther since Peachybbies is here in Texas and Slime Sweetpea is not.


Slime Sweetpea has updated their slime containers since my order, which is why I have decided not to include my size comparison pictures. Here is what you need to know when comparing slime sizes between Slime Sweetpea and Peachybbies Slime:

All of the Sweetpea Slimes you see in this review arrived in the legacy containers. Those containers were almost twice the size as the Peachybbies containers, but I cannot remember the exact ounce measurements. I will update here if I find them. The new Slime Sweetpea containers are 6oz and much closer in size to the Peachybbies containers. All the slimes in our Peachybbies review were all 7oz.

chocolate chip brownie bread slime sits next to rice krispie treats slime

An Awesome Peachybbies Alternative

I almost hesitate to call Slime Sweetpea a “Peachybbies Alternative” for fear of sounding like I am handing out second place ribbons. The reality is, my kids loved this slime so much, they have been talking about it more than Peachybbies lately. All eyes have been on Sally’s social media channels, watching all her awesome slime teasers for the next slime restock. We missed that Birthday Cake Slime and it still haunts me.

Despite a couple of bumps in the road, we had nothing but wonderful experiences with Slime Sweetpea. The customer service was great, and the slime was unique and fun. Outside of all that, there is something to be said for being able to casually wander by and buy a cute slime vs setting alarms and fighting through a checkout queue. Slime Sweetpea has definitely earned a permanent position in our slime rotation. I hope you love it as much as we do.

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