Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm [Texas Fruit Picking]

April 16, 2023 |
a hand picking red ripe strawberries off the plant

Everyone knows I’m all about supporting local, small businesses, and today felt like the perfect day to share about our little trek out to Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm for some strawberry picking just north of Dallas. This was our first trip out to Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm, and I was a little hesitant. I didn’t know what to expect, and it felt like a gamble to make such a long drive with a toddler in tow, not knowing exactly when they might call it a day and close up shop.

rows and rows of strawberry plants as far as the eye can see
Rows and rows of strawberries as far as the eye can see at Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm

Welcome to Pecan Creek!

Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm is located in Pilot Point, TX, which, as I mentioned, is about an hour north of Dallas. It is surrounded by beautiful country, which means you can enjoy a lovely drive full of pointing out cows, horses, and donkeys. You’ll want to use your GPS and keep your eyes peeled for street signs because this unassuming little Strawberry Farm isn’t covered in billboards and flashing lights. When Google maps says you are there, look for a little strawberry shack, strawberry archway, and a small sign that says “FARM.” You have arrived!

Parking and Entry

When you enter the farm, you are essentially pulling into their parking lot, which is grass and spans several lots. Find yourself a spot, slather on some sunscreen, and proceed to the right side of the Strawberry Shack. Here you will be required to purchase your Picking Basket. The baskets are $4. The idea is that you keep this basket and come back with it time and time again, making it a one time purchase–assuming you are an organized and responsible adult who can store and keep track of a basket. I’m looking at you, me.

strawberry arch in the middle of pecan creek strawberry farm
A large Strawberry Arch welcomes you to the middle of the farm.

Pricing and Products

The strawberries at Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm cost $7 a pound. There is an illustration on the side of the Strawberry Shack to show you the approximate pricing for different fill levels. They also sell strawberry jam and hanging strawberry baskets here, but they sell out FAST. If you see something you like, I suggest buying it right then and there. The strawberry jam starts at $7 and the hanging baskets are $16. Both were sold out when we arrived Wednesday afternoon.

Next door to the Strawberry Shack, you will find the Strawberry Ice Cream Hut. They told me the ice cream is made with a powder mix, and it does have dairy. No one was able to tell me if the ice cream had egg, though.

Ready, Set, Strawberries!

Once you have your basket in hand, you are well on your way to picking some delicious, fresh, red, ripe strawberries. Just head out onto the field. You have a choice of proceeding along either edge of the field or straight through the Strawberry Arch in the middle. As you might suspect, the farther away from the parking lot you get, the more luck you will have in finding large, ripe strawberries. We did most of our picking near the Chicken Coop on the far left side of the field, and the occupants sang us a lovely ballad while we were harvesting.

two kids wandering the rows of strawberries at pecan creek strawberry farm

How to pick strawberries

Skip over the yellow strawberries. They are bitter and they aren’t going to get sweeter once you’ve pulled them off the plant. Locate those bright red strawberries and go to town. Be considerate. Pinch the stem right above the strawberry so you don’t damage your berries or their plant. Keep the caps on your berries, so they will last longer. Do not step on the elevated mounds (or the strawberry plants, obviously).

Once you’ve finished your harvest, head back to the Strawberry Shack to make your new strawbabies official. They will weigh your fancy new basket of berries, give you your total, and send you on your way.

a large ripe strawberries from pecan creek strawbery farm in pilot point texas

Tips for successful trip to Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm

Are you feeling jelly just looking at all these gorgeous strawberries? Let me assure you, they taste even better than they look. The kids were so proud of their haul. We have been feasting on the strawberries for days. But what days are best for strawberry picking at Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm? What time should you arrive? How will you know when they close for the day? Good news! Much like the Strawberry Ice Cream Hut, I’ve got the scoop and I am willing to share.


The Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays as long as there are ripe strawberries to found. The slowest day for strawberry picking is typically Mondays, according to Pecan Creek. Their busiest day is obviously going to be Saturday. They open the parking lot at 9AM and the farm opens at 10AM. This information is especially important if you:

  • plan to visit on a Saturday
  • want to purchase their additional products (jam, hanging baskets, etc)
  • are a competitive strawberry picker
  • disagree with the Texas heat

We went to Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm on a Wednesday. I had been watching their Facebook page and it was clear from their posts that strawberry picking traffic was slow. We only saw one other family when we arrived. A couple more families came through by the time we left, but in general, the strawberry fields were quiet, peaceful, and plentiful.

Large basket of red ripe strawberries from pecan creek strawbery farm in pilot point texas
We left with about a pound and a half of farm fresh strawberries.

Realtime Updates

As I mentioned above, Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm has their own extremely active Facebook page, and I highly recommend following and checking it often when planning a trip. I found it essential to figuring out what days and times would work best for us. They post frequent updates about the upcoming picking days, letting you know how the field looks and what they will have in stock regarding jams, baskets, etc.

They will also announce, on Facebook, when they plan to close for the day. Though closing time typically happens around noon, Pecan Creek stays open as long as the picking is good, which means it varies from day to day. For example, they posted around 11AM on Wednesday that they still had plenty of strawberries and didn’t have a closing time yet. I thought we had already missed our chance for the day, but once I saw the update, we jumped in the car. Around 1PM, Pecan Creek posted again letting folks know that they would be closing at 2:30PM.

Tip: The rows between the strawberries are fairly uneven ground and may be difficult to navigate for folks who are not steady on their feet. Some rows are flatter than others. This isn’t the best field trip for, say, someone with a broken foot. 🙈

strawberries with the logo from pecan creek strawberry farm in pilot point tx

Bon Appétit!

If you’re looking for a fun place near Dallas to spend the morning, definitely check out Pecan Creek Strawberry Farm (or one the other dozen Fruit Picking Farms in Dallas / Fort Worth). My kids thought this was a great adventure and ended up picking around one and a half pounds of strawberries before the mid-day heat started to wear on us. When we got home, we put the strawberries straight in the fridge. The picking basket is actually perfect for storage because it is open and has plenty of holes for ventilation. That air flow will help keep strawberries fresh and delicious for about 3 – 5 days. We simply rinsed them off when we were ready to snack, and savored them with much enthusiasm.

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Originally posted on May 14, 2022.


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