Peachybbies Slime Review

July 08, 2022 |
Arrangement of slimes and extras from Peachybbies slime box

I knew I had been spending too much time on CraftTok when my feed was suddenly full of slime. Not DIY slime recipes, though there are millions, but fancy, boutique slime made to look like all manner of things. And all that slime got into my brain. I started to wonder what my kids would think about these fancy slimes, and if the curb appeal would balance out some of their sensory misgivings about slimes in the past.

Peachybbbies Slime

I LOVE watching maker videos. I was just sitting here, minding my own business, when Peachybbies slid onto my for you page. Based out of Austin, Texas, this company is known for their creative and beautiful slime varieties, and I knew it was go time. I could not wait to gift them to my kiddos and see if these slimes were as much fun to play with as they were to watch. So come along with us while we unbox and step through our Peachybbies Slime Review!

All the products seen here were purchased by yours truly. The opinions stated below are my own, and I have not received any sponsorship or free products from the aforementioned manufacturers.



The box you see above is the Designer Box that our Peachybbies slime shipped in. I’m telling you this because it is SUPER CUTE but also because you need to be prepared for it’s arrival. If you are buying your slime as a gift to be opened at a later date, and you purchase 2 or more slimes, watch. your. porch. Otherwise, this box is going to show up, glowing like radioactive sunshine, and lord help you if your kids get a glimpse of it before you do. In completely unrelated news, this Valentine’s Day gift was opened by my children prior to Valentine’s Day for reasons completely beyond my control.


This was a fun package to unbox! As you saw in the video above, our Peachybbies Slime Box was packed full of slime, extras, and bonus goodies. Here’s a breakdown of the content:

  • Marshmallow Cow Slime
  • Vanila Sugar Cookie Slime + 1 Extra
  • Cinnamon Roll Slime + 2 Extras
  • Cake Batter Slime
  • Activator Pen
  • Peachybbies Bracelet
  • Squishy Baby Bonus Toy
  • Care Sheet
Four Slimes by Peachybbies are open showing off bright colors, variety of textures and extras
Marshmallow cow slime by peachybbies is yellow with rainbow sprinkles and a little marshmallow toy

Marshmallow Cow by Peachybbies

  • Sprinkles
  • Confetti
  • “Marshmallow Toy”
  • Tiny little bebe cow that we didn’t find for weeks, haha


The first slime that we opened up was the Marshmallow Cow. This was my 4 year old’s first experience with slime, and he wasn’t quite sure what to think about it. This slime felt very… cold. Is that a weird description? I don’t know, man, that’s how it felt! Ice cold and a bit damp. I spent some time showing him how the slime stretched and could be molded, but it never stuck to my hands or got “gross” like those super slimy slimes.


On a side note, the “marshmallow toy” was pretty firm and difficult to completely separate from the slime once mixed in. I expected the “toy” to be squishy like a marshmallow. He wasn’t really sure what to do with it, just like I’m not really sure what to call it. After watching me goof around for a few minutes, he was ready to give it a shot. He definitely had some fun, but it wasn’t long before he asked to move on to the next slime.


This slime had a pretty strong sweet scent. I would liken it to marshmallows and cake batter mixed together. It’s not a deal breaker, but the scent did start to overpower me after a bit.


This wasn’t really his or my favorite texture/sensation but that doesn’t mean it was bad slime. My daughter preferred the slimes that were similar to this one, so I think it just boils down to personal sensory preferences.

Vanila Sugar Cookie Slime by peachybbies was white with pink heart confetti and came with two slime sugar cookies

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Slime by Peachybbies

  • Lil bit of sprinkles
  • Lil bit of confetti
  • 2 Vanilla Sugar (slime) cookies


The Vanilla Sugar Cookie Slime might have looked a little plain at first, but it did NOT disappoint. When we removed it from the container, everyone was pleasantly surprised to find that there were heart confetti and little pink and white sprinkles mixed in. The two cookies that came with it were so freaking cute, and we had a blast playing with them both separately and mixing them into the main slime.


This slime had a COMPLETELY different texture from the Marshmallow Cow. It was smooth and squishy and so much fun to manipulate. My son immediately took over and was very happy to smash the cookie right into it. He loved the texture and sensation of the slime, and he thought it was really cool that the slime held impressions of his hand etc. Eventually, he covered his entire arm up to the shoulder in the white slime, claiming it was a symbiote from Venom. (To put your fears at ease, this slime did NOT take over my son’s body and turn him into a super villain.)


This slime smelled mostly like vanilla. It was quite subtle and enjoyable.


I am happy to report that clean up with this slime is super easy. The slime sticks to itself so well, I was able to take a chunk of slime and dab, dab, dab until the slime had returned unto itself. The slime that inevitably made it onto his clothes was super easy to remove with a little dish soap and water as well. Huzzah! Vanilla Sugar Cookie was definitely the gold medal winner for my 4 year old.

Cinnamon Slime by Peachybbies with two extras, icing and cinnamon

Cinnamon Roll Slime by Peachybbies

  • Cinnamon Roll Charm
  • Glitter
  • Extra Container of Vanilla Icing Slime
  • Extra Container of Cinnamon Slime


Everyone enjoyed the little extra containers that came along with this slime to round out the Cinnamon Roll experience. Both the Vanilla Icing and the extra Cinnamon smelled amazing. My daughter loved pinching small bits and pieces from each of the containers and combining them to make her own perfect slime–and that’s how she spent an hour plus playing with this slime.


The Cinnamon Roll Slime was such a fun experience for my daughter who loved exploring the different textures and consistencies of the slime. It provided a kind of experimental approach to the different kinds of slime and allowed her to customize her own slime experience. I would say she loved this slime as much, if not more, than my 4 year old loved his Vanilla Sugar Cookie Slime. It’s true, she didn’t even play with half of her slime. It’s still in the containers. But to me, that speaks volumes after hours of play. I can tell the Cinnamon Roll Slime is going to provide her with hours and hours of fun.


This slime smelled like… you guessed it… cinnamon! It was delightful.

Cute smiling peach hearts on top of peachybbies slime containers surrounded by packing peanuts

How to get your own Peachybbies Slime

The Peachybbies Slime is a huge hit, and my kiddos are already saving up because they want to experience all the different types of slime that Peachybbies has to offer. So how do you get your own? Well, it’s not particularly easy, but it’s not impossible either. We’ve scored a couple of times, and I am happy to share some tips, tricks, and additional info to help you score your own slime. Let’s go!


Peachybbies Slime prices vary per slime type and container size, but typically a container of slime will cost around $14.99 USD. That pricing is for their 7oz containers, but some slimes do come in the larger 16oz size and will cost a bit more.


Peachybbies stocks new slimes every Friday at 6PM CST. The website gets moved over into a maintenance mode on Fridays, which means you can’t even login. I recommend setting up an account the day before, but you don’t have to–I scored our slimes without creating an account in advance. Then again, that was before Kim Kardashian started telling everyone how cool Peachybbies Slime was!


I set an alarm on my phone for 5:45PM CST. Not so far in advance that I am going to get distracted and wander off, but early enough to get setup. You CANNOT just sit there and refresh the site waiting for it to go live. When you try to access the site pre-launch, it will dump you on a countdown screen with a password field. You will stay on this page forever if you are just refreshing. You need to click the logo in the middle instead of refreshing. Or you can just copy and paste the site link ( into the web address bar.


Have your credit card information on hand OR login to paypal beforehand. You don’t want to be guessing at your CVC or trying to remember your Paypal password in the middle of slime time rush hour traffic.


Don’t try to snag every slime they have all at once. Grab one or two slimes, whatever catches your fancy, and check out as quickly as you can. (Update: I do suggest grabbing a couple of extra slime types, if you can do it quickly. Their new queuing system can mean that half your cart gets eliminated during the wait.) If you want a sneak peek of what might be up for grabs that week, keep an eyeball on that TikTok account I mentioned earlier or subscribe to their emails.


If you’ve tried all our tips and it’s still not working out, please don’t get discouraged. There are lots of awesome slimes out there, and not all of them are so difficult to get. Check out our Slime Sweetpea Review for a great Peachybbies alternative that almost always has super creative slimes in stock.

Peachybbies Slime in shape of cookies and cinnamon rolls surrounded by title text that reads PEACHYBBIES SLIME REVIEW

One Month Update:

All the slimes are still perfectly slimy. The vanilla sugar cookie slime wouldn’t all fit back into the original container once we had added the cookies, so we stored some in a ziploc bag. Everything is keeping perfectly. We broke out the Cake Batter Slime and I regret that I didn’t give this one proper attention earlier. It has a very interesting pull that is both stretchy but also gives some really nice resistance. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and the scent was quite a bit more subtle than Marshmallow Moo.

SLIME TIP: Don’t try to smash slime plus extras into one container. The slime may ooze out a bit and try to take on a life of its own. Also, the care sheet says do not use on unfinished wood and I am here to agree with that. The vanilla sugar was squished into a wooden tray by an unsuspecting 4 year old, and I think part of it will remain there for life.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

We enjoyed everything about our Peachybbies Slime order, from the delightful packaging to the super creative and fun slimes inside. It was truly a lovely experience, and the icing on the slime was being able to support a small businesses right here in Texas.

script text reads "happy crafting"

Originally posted on February 25, 2022.


9 thoughts on “Peachybbies Slime Review”

  1. Peachybbies is a Scam!! Only releases at 7 pm on Fridays…ordered at 7:01, went to queue at 7:02, and they were “sold out”! Same thing every week.

    • Andrea Osstifin, the CEO, has actually addressed this on her social media pages. Between word-of-mouth, TikTok, and Kim Kardashian’s endorsement, her brand has become so popular that she recently had to hire a bunch more people and move warehouses in order to have any hope of keeping up with demand. Even then, she still has her backstock disappearing off the shelves in record time. This is true for a lot of shops; I think it took me 7 tries for me to get the slime I wanted from my favourite shop, and that’s a shop that doesn’t have the same popularity Peachybbies does. The best option is really just to keep trying and make sure you have all your info saved ahead of time. Eventually it’ll happen for you, I’m sure of it! All the best!


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