Awesome Arcade Airbnb in Amarillo [Texas Gamer Haven]

October 08, 2022 |
a black light lit arcade room with pac man designs on the wall with text overlay "Gamer Haven in Texas"

When I saw pictures of Gamer Haven on Airbnb, my jaw dropped. We had been planning a trip from Dallas to Colorado, and I knew we were all going to need a pit stop after 7 hours in the car. I started looking for an agreeable overnight stay, and the very first result was Gamer Haven. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

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video game theme living room at gamer haven
Super Mario & Nintendo themed decor added such a fun touch to the living spaces at Gamer Haven.

Let’s Party

It was game over the minute I saw it. The Universe clearly put this arcade Airbnb in the path of our video-game loving family. I knew this was THE house for us, and I absolutely could not WAIT to surprise the kids after a long day in the car. The icing on the cake? We would be arriving ON my husband’s birthday. Now that is some perfect party planning, right there.

video game themed decor at gamer haven
Video game decorations could be found throughout the arcade house, many of which appeared to be custom made.


The house looked like any other ordinary house from the outside, and the kids had no reason to suspect otherwise. They were both overflowing with excitement at the mere suggestion of getting out of the car. I snuck in beforehand, turned the lights on, fired up the arcade, and got my camera ready.

I think it’s safe to say they exploded with joy. Each and every single room had a video game reference that fueled much jumping and high frequency screaming. They were so excited by the decor, they didn’t even notice the FULL ARCADE ROOM until much later.

video game theme living room at gamer haven

This was by far my favorite video game art in the house. It was the perfect level of nostalgia waiting to greet us whenever we arrived.

Living Room Level Up

The owners of the Gamer Haven did a great job of sparking the video game vibe long before you even enter the arcade. And even though I had already seen all the pictures on Airbnb, each room felt like opening an extra special surprise with their own themes and decor. Though it is hard to choose a favorite, I think the living room was probably mine.

video game theme living room at gamer haven
Who doesn’t love a good coin wall? High score!

shuffle board in the living room at gamer haven
The shuffleboard also offered tabletop bowling, which was fun for the whole family.

My kids are huge Super Mario fans, and the decorations in this room made me smile. On top of the adorable decor, the living room also had bonus games, shuffleboard, and tabletop bowling. It was here that some pretty competitive shuffleboard matches took place while the kids had fun looting the board games.

A blacklight lit arcade room full of games
There were so many fun arcade games in the full arcade room at Gamer Haven, including foosball, air hockey, and more.

Arcade Room

Yes, it’s true. Gamer Haven has an entire arcade room, complete with black lights and glowing video game decor covering the walls. The atmosphere was electric and fun, the sounds of all the games cheering the kids on the moment they walked in the doors. We had matches bouncing back and forth from air hockey to pinball, basketball to foosball, shuffleboard and even skee-ball. With over a dozen other retro arcade games, the kids had plenty to keep them occupied all day long.

A blacklight lit arcade room full of games
Pinball, foosball, and Cruisin’ were some of our favorites.

A blacklight lit arcade room full of games
Though my 5 year old had a little trouble with some games, there were lots of options to choose from.

A blacklight lit arcade room full of games
The multicade came with access to thousands of video games.

On the Multicade in the back, we found pretty much every video game we could imagine from Atari, Sega, Nintendo, and more. There were many retro arcade games that we grew up playing, like Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Space Invaders, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, and about a thousand more. My daughter loved the balancing game that issued actual prizes, and my 5 year old got a real kick out of Big Bertha.

video game themed bedroom at gamer haven

Double Down

Each of the bedrooms had their own unique gamer themed decor. The kids had a hard time picking a favorite room between the three. You’ll notice lots of little touches like the video game wall art and fun remote control shaped pillows. We followed them from room to room while they explored, and it was just one squeal after another about how incredibly cool the house was.

video game themed bedroom at gamer haven

video game themed bedroom at gamer haven

As far as the sleeping accommodations go, there was plenty of room, the beds and linens were comfy, and the kids crashed almost instantly.

a full kitchen decorated in pacman theme at gamer haven
The entire kitchen was decorated in this Pac-Man theme with little holographic sprites that animated as you walked by.

Attention To Detail

There were little video game themed accessories and decorations throughout every room of the arcade house. Even the bathroom at Gamer Haven was delightfully decorated and perfectly on theme. They provided a nice selection of toiletries in the bathrooms and complimentary snacks and drinks in the kitchen.

video game themed bathroom at gamer haven

video game themed bathroom at gamer haven

a black light lit arcade room with pac man designs on the wall

Super Family Fun

We all had a blast staying at this Gamer Haven Airbnb in Amarillo Texas. My kids kept shaking their heads and staying stuff like “I can’t believe you rented us an entire arcade.” I felt like Super Mom. We ordered some amazing pizza from La Bella and embraced the classic arcade experience. It was truly a great way to kick off our road trip AND celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Gamers Haven

Claudette was an amazing host, and her home demonstrated peak creativity and customization. I really appreciated all the artistic effort and planning that went into bringing Gamer Haven to life. Surprising the kids with a FULL arcade as an overnight stay is not a memory that will soon be forgotten, by any of us. Now that you’ve seen all the pictures, I am sure you can understand why I was so very excited to share this super special arcade Airbnb in Amarillo with all of you. It may not be on the exact topic of arts & crafts, but Gamer Haven sure is overflowing with creativity.

a room decorated in super mario sits above a room decorated in pac man with the text "gamer haven in texas"

Originally posted on October 07, 2022.


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