Fun Places to go in Fort Worth [2023]

May 10, 2023 |
Stockyards cattle drive with several longhorns

As someone who grew up in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, it is easy to feel like I’ve seen all that North Texas has to offer.  It’s not usually until I am looking for family field trips or visited by out-of-towners that I truly realize how much DFW has to offer.  I am constantly making lists of the best places to visit in Fort Worth, and today, I’ve transformed my list into an activity & visitors guide for Fort Worth Texas.  

Below you will find the list of my favorite places to go in Fort Worth (in no particular order). Make sure to check out our Events Calendar and Weekend Guide for a taste of the local arts scene as well as the bonus list at the bottom of the post. I will keep adding even more cool places in the Fort Worth area as I think of them.

Looking for fun places to visit in Dallas? Check out our Dallas Guide.

Best Places to Visit in Fort Worth

A beautiful yellow butterfly with blue tip wings sits on a cherry blossom-esque plant at the fort worth botanical gardens
Butterflies and beautiful flowers abound at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. Photo credit: DFW Craft Shows

1. Fort Worth Botanical Garden

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The Fort Worth Botanical Garden is an 120 acre campus located in the heart of Fort Worth Cultural District. In addition to a variety of stunning garden views and over 2,500 species of plants, the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens also offers a lush, tropical conservatory with breathtaking landscaping. The Japanese Gardens are an ideal destination for a peaceful stroll, fun family time, and beautiful photography. Don’t forget to bring a few dollars for fish feeding at the koi-filled ponds! All those giant, hungry fish definitely help make the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens one of our family’s favorite fun places to go in Fort Worth.

The Fort Worth Botanical Garden is open daily from 8AM to 5PM, and admission is charged according to peak or off-peak season. For more information or to purchase your tickets, visit their website.

Several longhorns are being herded through the Fort Worth Stockyards twice daily
Watch the cattle drive in Fort Worth Texas twice daily. Photo credit: Fort Worth Stockyards

2. Fort Worth Stockyards

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The Fort Worth Stockyards is famous for having the world’s only twice daily cattle drive, complete with majestic longhorns. You will find an endless supply of entertainment for your day out in this historic district including plenty of shopping opportunities to find authentic Texan products, delicious treats, and more! When you’re finished on your feet, take a load off and enjoy a nice hot meal at one of the many restaurants available in the area.

The Fort Worth Stockyards offers their cattle drive twice daily at 11AM and 4PM. You can find more information about the Fort Worth Herd on their website.

A building covered in windows and glass next to a large reflecting pool
The reflecting pool around The Modern Art Museum is stunning. Photo credit: The Modern

3. The Modern Art Museum

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The Modern Art Museum is located in heart of the cultural district and specializes in art collections from the 1940s to the present. Don’t forget to step outside and enjoy their beautiful reflecting pool and outdoor sculptures. They also have a theater, education center, and gift shop.

During spring and summer breaks, The Modern Art Museum offers special family programming and art camps for your kiddos while they are out of school. You can learn more about their special programming on their website. The Modern is closed on Mondays, offers half price tickets on Sundays, and free admission on Fridays.

Hippos face each other in an underwater view from the fort worth zoo
Two hippos face each other in the Hippo River. Photo credit: DFW Craft Shows

4. Fort Worth Zoo

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The Fort Worth Zoo has been a staple in the North Texas landscape since 1909 and is one of my favorite places to visit in Fort Worth, Texas. The Fort Worth Zoo houses over 7,000 animals and has been voted one of the top 5 zoos in the nation. Over the last several years there have been many changes at The Fort Worth Zoo as they work to improve enclosures and provide new and exciting opportunities for guests. Hippo River is one of their newer enclosures featuring an extremely entertaining underwater viewing area.

The Fort Worth Zoo also offers the Safari Splash experience for those hot summer days when your kiddos need a cool place to splash play. Safari Splash opens on April 14th for the weekend and April 21st for the season. Admission is an additional $5. More info on their website.

Dinosaur fossils posed face to face at the fort worth museum of science and history
Take a step back in time at the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History. Photo credit: Museum of Science & History

5. Fort Worth Museum of Science & History

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The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is a great place for learning and hands on experiences. This 166,000 sq ft gallery space holds all sorts of activities including: DinoLab, DinoDig, Innovation Studios, the Children’s museum, Energy Blast, and CattleRaiser’s Museum. It was one of my favorite places to go as a child and it remains one of my favorite family field trip destinations.

Please note The Omni Theatre is currently closed for rennovations but their website says it will be re-opening and better than ever. No grand re-opening date has been published yet. Learn more about special exhibits, camps, and activities on their website.

One of the war birds at the fort worth aviation museum caught against a beautiful sunset sky
Explore the history of flight at the Fort Worth Aviation Museum. Photo credit: Aviation Museum

6. Fort Worth Aviation Museum

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The Fort Worth Aviation Museum is a hidden gem offering a hands-on experience with over 30+ warbirds. The majority of the museum is outdoor, though they do have several exhibits inside. Known affectionately as their “War Bird Petting Zoo,” people of all ages are encouraged to touch and interact with these amazing feats of flight.

The Fort Worth Aviation Museum is open on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. They also have lots of special events throughout the year. You can save a little cash by purchasing your tickets online on their website.

Wash buckets and washboards sit outside a log cabin at the log cabin village
There is much to see and explore at the Log Cabin Village. Photo credit: Log Cabin Village

7. Log Cabin Village

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The Log Cabin Village, also known as Fort Worth’s Living History Museum, is dedicated to the preservation of 19th century architecture and frontier life during Texas’ pioneer era. The Log Cabin Village contains several frontier era structures, a fully hands-on cabin, and historical interpreters to give demonstrations and answer any questions you may have.

The Log Cabin Village is open from Tuesday through Saturday. They close at 4:00PM and their last ticket is sold at 3:00PM. They also have lots of special events throughout the year. You can find more information on their website.

Porticos at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth
Spend a day enjoying art and architecture at the Kimbell Art Museum. Photo credit: Kimbell Art Museum

8. Kimbell Art Museum

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The Kimbell Art Museum spans two buildings and features a collection that ranges from antiquities to the 20th century. Enjoy over 350+ pieces of art in their permanent collection along with various rotating special exhibits. Make a day of your visit with their cafe and beautiful outdoor area with shaded porticos. The Kimbell Art Museum also offers a variety of free art talks and music events. Be sure to check out their calendar during spring and summer breaks for special programming for kids.

Admission to the permanent collection at The Kimbell Art Museum is free, but tickets are required for their special exhibits. You can learn more about their exhibits and upcoming events on their website.

A giant water feature with various waterfalls collecting in a main reflecting pool in the fort worth water gardens
Escape the hustle and bustle with a trip to these artistic water gardens. Photo credit: Visit Fort Worth

9. Fort Worth Water Gardens

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The Fort Worth Water Gardens are a show stopping, full sensory experience designed by architect Philip Cortelyou Johnson in 1974. The Active Pool includes over 40 spray nozzles and 22 feet of cascading waters that feed into a small reflecting pool at the bottom. Visitors are able to follow stone steps down the full depth of The Fort Worth Water Gardens to visit the reflecting pool in the middle. This oasis is a serene and peaceful break from the otherwise concrete city landscape in the surrounding downtown area.

The Fort Worth Water Gardens are free to visit. Please keep in mind that The Active Pool is a steep climb without railing. It is not accessible and the waters are not safe for swimming.

The trinity river curves around scenic trinity park
Enjoy green space as far as the eye can see. Photo credit: Fort Worth Texas

10. Trinity Park in Fort Worth


Trinity Park is a great place to rest, reset, and relax, featuring over 250 acres of nature alongside the Trinity River. Near the cultural district, Trinity Park offers hiking, biking, and walking paths, multiple playgrounds, a duck pond, gorgeous river views, and so much more. There is even a miniature train that has been running since 1959!

Trinity Park is a free park and all are welcome. Please note: The Forest Park Miniature Railroad is currently closed for renovations. Check out their website for more info.

AT&T Stadium looks impressive from all angles.
AT&T Stadium looks impressive from all angles. Photo credit: AT&T Stadium

11. Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium

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AT&T Stadium is not only the home of the Dallas Cowboys, but it is also the world’s largest domed structure and truly breathtaking to behold regardless of how you feel about football. For the Dallas Cowboys fans, AT&T Stadium offers tours with amazing behind the scenes access and information about this amazing team and venue. AT&T Stadium also offers tours centered around their extensive art collections as seen throughout the stadium.

Please note AT&T Stadium is located in Arlington, Texas, about half an hour east of Fort Worth. Tours at AT&T Studio vary in pricing, please visit their website for more info.

A zebra stands at the window of a SUV at the Fossil Rim drive thru safari
Get up close and personal with the wildlife at Fossil Rim. Photo credit: DFW Craft Shows

12. Fossil Rim

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Located about an hour outside of Fort Worth, Fossil Rim is a worthwhile field trip for a once in a lifetime drive thru safari park experience. This wildlife conservation center located in Glen Rose, Texas hosts over 1,110 animals across their 1,800 acre park. Enjoy a 7 mile scenic drive with opportunities to feed a vast array of wildlife including emus, ostriches, zebras, deer, giraffes, and quite a lot more. About halfway through your drive at Fossil Rim, you will be routed to a rest area with bathrooms, a gift shop, cafe, and petting zoo. Fossil Rim is currently in the running for the Best Safari Park in America by USA Today, results to be announced in a couple of weeks!

Fossil Rim is open 7 days a week and admission is charged per car. Fossil Rim also offers on-site lodging, camping, and a number of guided tours. Please note their lodging is currently closed for renovations and estimated to re-open in the summer of 2023. Visit their website for tickets and more information.

Mural painted in sundance square of the stockyards cattle drive
This mural of the Stockyards Cattle Drive is loated in Sundance Square. Photo credit: DFW Craft Shows

Fun Places to go in Fort Worth

These are just a few of my favorite places to visit in Fort Worth, Texas, but the area has much, much more to offer than I can write about in a single post.  For example, Fort Worth has tons of awesome local events where you can enjoy mouth-watering bites, amazing art, and all sorts of funky finds and handmade goodies–you can find all of those on our Events Calendar and Weekend Guide. For now, I’ve included a bonus list of other fun places to go in Fort Worth below:

pogo pass is half off and offers free admission to a variety of places when you use the code DFWCRAFTS
Unlock free admissions with your very own POGO Pass. Photo credit: POGO Pass

Save money sightseeing in Fort Worth

POGO Pass offers a great opportunity to save some cash if you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area OR if you’re planning a trip to DFW.  When you purchase a POGO Pass, you receive free admission to a variety of places to visit in Fort Worth, Texas including:

  • Fort Worth Zoo
  • SeaQuest
  • Hawaiian Falls
  • Sky Zone
  • Kid Mania
  • Alley Cats
  • And LOTS more!

POGO Pass is usually $99, but you can get yours for 50% off when you use our affiliate code: DFWCRAFTS. Attraction admission terms vary by location and range from 1 visit up to 6 visits, and some even offer a monthly pass.

Stockyards cattle drive with several longhorns under text that reads "fun place in fort worth"

Chime in!

When you are planning your trip, be sure to check out our Events Calendar and The Weekend Guide to find more hidden gems in Fort Worth and enjoy an extra delicious taste flight of the local arts, crafts, and food scene in DFW. Please drop down in the comments and let me know YOUR favorite places to visit in Fort Worth,Texas. I would love to keep adding to the list!

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Looking for other fun activities around North Texas?

Every week, I compile a list of upcoming arts & crafts shows, fairs, festivals, and classes happening around the extended Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. Check out The Weekend Guide for ongoing opportunities to discover new artists, shop small businesses, support your local community, and have fun.

Originally posted on March 04, 2023.


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