What’s the difference between an Event Listing and advertising space?

DFW Craft Shows offers a variety of marketing options at a broad range of price points. We understand the terminology can get confusing.

Event Listings are specific to a single occurrence of an event. You submit your information on the website and an event listing is created specifically for you.  These listings are posted upon approval and remain live until after your event. Various listing upgrades can grant you additional exposure and features throughout the site.

Advertising space, however, refers to a digital banner ad that rotates in multiple locations across the site. Banner ads are available in multiple sizes and are billed per a 30 day period.  You can find more information on our advertising page.

Whenever you are browsing a website and see ads inserted in the sidebars and between posts, etc, you are looking at banner ads. Banner ads help exposure by rotating throughout the site and directing targeted traffic back to your event/business.