Quick & Simple DIY Snuffle Ball

June 06, 2023 |
A blue holee roller ball is stuffed with fleece. The pieces are extended out and contain bits of kibble and treats

There is an interactive dog puzzle toy ball combo thingy that has been making the rounds on TikTok lately.  Everyone and their dogs are going bananas over it.  As soon as I saw the toy in play, I knew we already had all the tools we needed to make one.  This quick and easy DIY Snuffle Ball took us about 15 minutes to put together and only a few minutes more to load up and get ready for our new puppy. I’m excited to show you how you can reuse materials that you may already have laying around to make your very own homemade Snuffle Ball!

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A blue holee roller ball is stuffed with fleece.

What is a Snuffle Ball?

A Snuffle Ball is typically a ball composed of fabric scraps.  The pieces are secured together tightly enough to create perfect hiding spots for multiple treats.  The dog is then challenged to sniff out and release the treats from the Snuffle Ball while rolling it around the house.

Why is enrichment so important?

A lot of people believe that the only way to tire out a puppy is with physical exercise, but would you believe that mental stimulation is even more exhausting?  I’ve seen a lot of different stats suggesting mental enrichment can be 2 – 3X more tiring than physical exercise.  Scent work is especially important for dogs, and your DIY Snuffle Ball is the perfect puzzle toy for really getting your pup’s brain going.

A pair of fleece pajamas is folded neatly next to a pair of orange handled scissors and strips of fabric

DIY Snuffle Ball Supplies

For our DIY Snuffle Ball, we will be modifying a Hol-ee Roller.  The JW Hol-ee Roller is a super versatile, rubber ball that has openings along all sides.  The Hol-ee Roller is a great toy for playing fetch, but because you can also put all sorts of treats and toys inside the ball itself, it also makes a great puzzle enrichment toy.  Today we are going to be using some old fleece pajamas and our Hol-ee Roller to recreate the popular TikTok Dog Toy.


Finding the right fabric

As I mentioned above, we are going to be using an old, worn out pair of fleece pajamas as the material for our homemade Hol-EE Roller Snuffle Ball.  You can also use any kind of knit fabrics, such as old T-Shirts, Leggings, etc.  Fleece and knits are excellent fabrics for quick and easy projects like this one because they do not fray.  

If you have used our other DIY Dog Toy or T-Shirt Yarn tutorials, you may already have some scraps laying around that would be a perfect fit for this project. Similarly, any scraps you have left over from your DIY Snuffle Ball can easily be turned into one of our 5 Easy DIY Dog Toys.

Strips of fleece fabric have been cut and sit next to orange handled scissors

How to make a snuffle ball for your dog

Whether you are working with old clothes or fabric scraps, there isn’t much prep involved for this DIY Snuffle Ball. The process is very simple and can be completed in just a few moments. All you will need is your fabric scissors, scrap fabric, Hol-ee Roller, and your dogs favorite treats and/or kibble.

Several strips of fleece fabric have been tried into a central knot

1. Cut

Cut your fabric into long strands that are about 3 – 4” wide.  I cut mine across the chest of the pajamas so I would have one large loop.

Then cut one end of the loop to transform it into a single long piece.  This piece will hang out of your homemade Snuffle Ball on both sides, so it is okay for it to be a bit long.  You can trim it down later.

2. Knot

Lie one piece over another so that they intersect in the middle.  Tie these pieces into a knot and tighten.  

Repeat until you have combined 5 – 6 pieces of fabric with one singular knot in the middle.  You will need to be able to pass this knot through the openings of your Hol-ee Roller, so keep that in mind as you work.

A blue holee roller ball is stuffed with fleece. The pieces are extended out and contain bits of kibble and treats

3. Combine

Force the knot of your fabric into the middle of your Hol-EE Roller Ball along with all the strands.  Now arrange and pull the strands out of the ball one by one until they are evenly distributed across the surface of your Hol-EE Roller Ball.  

4. Load

Working with one strand at a time, place bits of kibble and treats along the length of the fabric.  Roll the fabric tightly into a little dog treat burrito and tuck it into one of the holes of your Hol-ee Roller Ball.  Choose the larger openings for an easier snuffle ball activity OR use the smaller openings to make it harder.

A short beige and white dog plays with a blue holee roller based homemade snuffle ball
Hazel always gives me these eyes when I try to take a picture of her having fun.

Release the Hounds

You did it!  You just learned how to make a Snuffle Ball using fabric scraps and a JW Hol-EE Roller.  Now you can join the TikTok trend and post videos of your puppy having a blast with their homemade Snuffle Ball.  Make sure you tag me at @dfwcraftshows.  I would love to see how your homemade Snuffle Ball turns out!

Picture of a cute puppy sleeping next to a DIY dog toy with the title text "5 easy DIY dog toys"

Save your Scraps

Don’t forget to bundle up any scraps from your DIY Snuffle Ball project and check out our 5 Easy DIY Dog Toys tutorial for more quick & easy ideas on how to keep your dog happy, healthy, and having fun.

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Originally posted on March 05, 2023.


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