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July 19, 2023 |
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I am always on the lookout for brands that I think my readers will love or that can help solve a common problem for artists, crafters, and small businesses. Before you shop, check out this page for deals, discounts, and affiliate links. I am an affiliate with several brands, some of which offer special deals for the DFW Craft Shows community.

This post contains affiliate links. Purchases made using affiliate links may support DFW Craft Shows at no additional cost to you. This post will be updated frequently to reflect new deals and discounts.

This post may contain affiliate links and purchases made using those links may support DFW Craft Shows at no additional cost to you.


Amazon carries tons of arts and craft supplies, tools and kits. Find endless crafty and creative gift ideas on the DFW Craft Shows Store-front. DFWCS participates in the Amazon affiliate program, but DFWCS is in no way associated with Amazon or the items above. Affiliate Link.

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ConvertBox is the ultimate lead generation tool for your marketing arsenal. Seamlessly connect your target audience to your mailing list, generate leads, deliver free downloads, and do it all with an external service that won’t weigh down your website or slow down your users. DFW Craft Shows readers can use our link to snag their lifetime license. Affiliate Link.

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a marketplace for crafters and designers, offering a wide range of digital crafting resources such as fonts, graphics, machine embroidery designs, online creative classes, and more.

Their All Access Subscription gives you unlimited access to all their products, commercial use included. DFW Craft Shows readers can use this link to get your full access subscription for just $1 the first month and $19 after that (35% discount). Cancel anytime. Affiliate Link.

Creative Fabrica Logo

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Cricut is responsible for a lot of extremely versatile and useful crafting tools, including the… you guessed it.. Cricut Maker and Cricut Air. They are also the makers of the Cricut EasyPress, and Cricut Bright 360. Cricut also offers a monthly Access Membership with tons of digital designs, fonts and more. Affiliate Link.


Joann is an essential stop in any crafter’s supply run. They offer tons of arts and crafts supplies, tools, storage, machines and more. Affiliate Link.

Joann Store
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Keeping in touch with your audience is integral to creating repeat customers and encourages word of mouth marketing. Mailerlite is my favorite newsletter tool, offering a nearly full-featured free account until you hit 1,000 subscribers, at which point you can take advantage of their very affordable pricing, awesome new tools, and unlock their (extremely helpful) live chat feature whenever you need a little help. Build your mailing list without breaking the bank. Affiliate Link.


Paparazzo is the maker of Olivia, the Phone Stand & Light combo that has made my life just a little bit easier by simplifying setup and filming. Olivia makes process videos and reels as easy and effortless as possible. You can check out my full review here. Using our coupon code DFWCRAFTS to score up to 20% off–this promo code will even stack on top of sales prices for maximum savings. Affiliate Link.

pogo pass is half off and offers free admission to a variety of places when you use the code DFWCRAFTS


POGO Pass is a great way to have fun around Dallas Fort Worth area without spending a small fortune. Get free admissions to a variety of locations including zoos, museums, waterparks, and more! Use our promo code: DFWCRAFTS to save 50% OFF your POGO Pass and get busy having fun! Affiliate Link.

Replica Surfaces

Replica Surfaces are some of my favorite photography backgrounds. These versatile surfaces come in thin, easy to store boards and come in a variety of colors/looks. Use Replica stands to build your own mini photography studio, or check out their portable Replica Studio. DFW Craft Shows readers can use this link to get 15% off their purchase. Affiliate Link.

Replica Surfaces Logo

Any requests?

Am I missing one of your favorite crafting companies? Drop a request via the contact form, and I will see if I can dig up any deals up for you.

Originally posted on January 30, 2022.


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