Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp Review [Game Changer in Creative Lighting]

July 14, 2022 |
Cricut Bright 360 Lamp is on in an otherwise dark room with shelves of craft supplies in the background

You’ve probably heard about the new Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp series. It was announced in early 2022, and the crafting world response was divided between neutrality and intrigue. On the one hand, a lamp was hardly what we were expecting from Cricut in a new product launch, but on the other hand, what Cricut has introduced with their Bright 360 Ultimate LED Lamp series has so much more potential than any other crafting light solution on the market. Let’s unbox and explore this Cricut Lamp together.

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Collage of the size and packing of Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp

Packaging and Dimensions

The Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp arrived in a large shipping container that was about 4FT long and weighed approximately 20lbs. Within the shipping container, there is a branded Cricut box with all the pieces for the Floor Lamp nestled into molded cartons. Here is a rundown of everything in the box:

  • Getting Started Guide
  • Power Cord with USB-C connection
  • LED lamp with adjustment sliders
  • Extension Pole
  • Weighed Base
  • Obligatory silica gel packet
pieces of the cricut bright 360 lamp displayed outside of packaging
The contents of my Cricut 360 Bright Floor Lamp package.


As you might have guessed, there is some assembly required for the Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp. Good news though, the assembly is very basic. A little unpacking and a couple of clicks will have your Floor lamp fully assembled and ready to go.

Full disclosure: My first Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp would not snap together. I was questioning my ability to function on a very base human level when I finally gave up and called customer service. Turns out, there was some kind of defect with the lamp. Cricut shipped me a replacement Floor Lamp and it was here within a couple of days. I could not believe how fast it shipped. I ripped right through the box and snapped that baby together in 5 seconds flat. Easy peasy.

If you would like to join me in unboxing, assembling, and demonstrating the Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp, check out the video below.

The same picture is used to demonstrate various color temperatures on the cricut bright 360 lamp
These two photos were taken using only the Cricut Bright 360 Lamp in an otherwise pitch black lighting environment. You can glimpse the wide range of color temperatures at your disposal and compare the true tone of the right image against the more common “florescence” of the popular Ott Light.

Lighting Features

I am really excited to walk you through the lighting features on the Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp because they are by far my favorite features. This lamp boasts the ability to get the perfect lighting every time, no matter the project, mood, or lighting environment. The Cricut Lamp makes this possible by offering a full range of color temperature and brightness settings.

Color Temperature

This Ultimate LED light offers a color temperature range from 2900 Kelvin to 5200 Kelvin. This means that you can use a cooler tone for accurate coloring matching and a warmer tone to reduce eyestrain and work comfortably. You can even use a mid tone to capture that perfect “natural lighting” effect for shooting videos or taking product pictures.

Brightness Levels

Another thing that I absolutely love about the Cricut Bright 360 Lamps is that the brightness levels are completely customizable. No more trying to bounce harsh, way too intense lighting off the wall or ceiling just so that I could do detail work without feeling like I was staring straight into the sun. Whether you need a little boost in your day to day, or you are working by the light of your Cricut Lamp alone, this slider has a full range of brightness to suit your needs.

Bonus Benefits

In my unboxing video (02:29), I used the Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp on a mid-level color temperature to demonstrate the true tones and gorgeous lighting even at 1AM when there was not a single other light on in my house. I worked by the light of this lamp for over an hour, and I did not experience any of the eye strain or headaches that I would frequently encounter when trying to work with my Ott Light.

It is also worth mentioning that the larger lamp head size on the Cricut Bright 360 Lamp allows the lighting to be more evenly distributed and diffused, softening shadows and increasing visibility over a larger work area. It makes a fantastic light source for overhead shots and process videos, so you can record beautiful footage while you work comfortably.

Of course, the use of LED lights also guarantees you a long bulb life and low energy usage, which is always appreciated. Bakers might also recall that LEDs do not burn hot like other lights, meaning your frosting is safe here.

Cricut Bright 360 fully assembled in front of shelves in a craft room

Fixture Adjustments

As I am sure you have guessed, they don’t call it the Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp series without reason. This lamp gives you 4 points of articulation, allowing you to find the perfect lamp angle, height, and position. The lamp head itself tilts 180 degrees in either direction, and the full configuration of the lamp swings around in 360 degrees. The adjustment handle also allows you to raise and lower the light as needed. See my unboxing video (02:29) for a demonstration of the articulation on the Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp.


The Cricut Bright 360 Table Lamp retails at $199, whereas the much larger Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp retails at $249. This price tag may seem steep to users who are perfectly happy with a run-of-the-mill work light. However, makers who can appreciate the variety of light settings and versatility of configurations will probably note that the Cricut Bright 360 Lamp is fairly comparable to other more complex lighting solutions.

For example, a decent quality ring light easily costs $135 and still would not work as an overhead light without purchasing an additional rig (and there aren’t many options for that readily available). Ring lights also present many complications when being used as either a work-light or for product photography, and the assembly tends to be mostly plastic. I consider the Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp to be an investment, both in my art and in my own comfort.

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I purchased the Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp directly on the Cricut website. It was their customer service that got my replacement lamp delivered lightning fast. They frequently have coupon codes posted for free shipping on orders over $99, so keep an eye out for that banner when you are on the site. If you use a lot of Cricut products or work with digital designs, check out Cricut Access to unlock $25 off your lamp and 10% off every other order you place for a year.

The Cricut Lamps are also available for purchase on Joann and Amazon.

An open coloring book is halfway in progress showing a colorful chameleon with a container of prismacolors
Doing a little mindful coloring at 1AM by the light of my Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp.

Lights, Camera, Action!

We have been using our Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp for months now, and it has been a favorite tool for all the crafters in our house. It is easy to swing around into position for a project, and then swing right back out of the way. This means we can use the Floor Lamp and put it away without having to lift or shift the base itself. The lamp is sturdy and has even withstood many child-directed craft-room raves.

Gone are the days of harsh lighting and inaccurate tones. I can work on my crafts for hours without eye strain or headaches, adjusting the lighting as needed, and find solace in knowing that my final project will reflect the accurate color representation I see before me. The very solid, metal construction of the Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp, when paired with high powered LEDs, offers nothing but quality and the hopeful promise to continue brightening my days for many years to come.

script text reads "happy crafting"

Cricut Bright 360 Lamp is on in an otherwise dark room with shelves of craft supplies in the background. Title text reads "Cricut Bright 360 Floor Lamp Review"

Originally posted on April 19, 2022.


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