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November 16, 2022 |
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As an avid crafter, I suppose it makes sense that my three favorite things to gift to others are:

  • gifts handmade by me
  • gifts handmade by another talented artist
  • crafty gifts and supplies that allow folks to experience the joy and pride that comes from tapping into your creativity

In this busy, stressful world, I simply believe you can never have too many creative outlets. Maybe that is why I have dabbled in a little bit of almost everything.  Or maybe that’s my ADHD? Eh, why not both! Crafting is a way to express myself, exercise the left side of my brain, and step outside the rigorous rules and restraints of my daily routine.  Nothing makes me happier than sitting down to unleash my creative side. I feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment when everything comes together and my project is finally finished. 

macrame supplies lie all over the table while someone works on their macrame project, which is 10% started

Finding the perfect gift

I know it can be hard to find that perfect crafty gift for the people we love, and sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. That is why I am so excited to share today’s post with you… a comprehensive collection of crafting kits and creative gift ideas, all categorized by age group! 

SIDE NOTE: Some of these groups do overlap a bit. If you don’t feel like you’re seeing the skill level you were looking for, try the previous/next age group to branch out.  Just click the age range you’re interested in and off you go! Or, if you prefer, you can skip straight to Amazon and shop my full craft & creative gift guides directly.

Links included above are affiliate links and may support DFW Craft Shows at no additional cost to you. DFWCS participates in the Amazon affiliate program, but DFWCS is in no way associated with Amazon or the items above. The opinions stated within are my own, and I have not received any sponsorship or free products from the aforementioned manufacturers.

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Kids & Allergy Friendly Craft Ideas

The first guide in our series is geared toward young children. It is perfect for kiddos who are too young for standard art activities or have food allergies prohibiting conventional art supplies. These crafty gift ideas are also great when you need a fun activity has a lower mess level or want to find a fun gift that is also travel friendly. The Kids & Allergy Friendly Crafty Gift Guide may not cover your typical arts & crafts supplies, but each gift idea still taps into the creative mind and encourages lots of open ended play. Plus, it has a link to the more conventional stuff as well because I’m nothing if not thorough.

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Tweens & Teens Craft Ideas

This is one of my most favorite age ranges because kids tend to be more ready and open to the idea of learning more complex skill sets and taking on larger, more in-depth projects. This is the age when a lot of kids find that one (or many) creative hobby that fills them with joy and offers a much needed emotional outlet. It is such a privilege to share that craft happy experience with them. With that in mind, The Tweens & Teens Crafty Gift Ideas Guide is full of fun projects to promote creativity and maybe even instill a little innerpeace.

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Young Adults and Beyond Creative Gift Ideas

Bring me a taste flight of arts & crafts supplies, and I will turn almost nothing away. (Almost nothing. You can keep the glitter to yourself, pal.) There have been so many times that I have wondered what it would be like to try out a new genre of crafting, only to dissuade myself because I didn’t have the proper supplies. But there are so very many amazing art kits and resources out there now to help you try a bit before you bite off more than you can chew. That’s why I love gifting crafting kits! You will find plenty of them in the Young Adults and Beyond Crafty Gift Ideas Guide. What could be better than giving the gift of variety, self discovery, and a healthy dose of challenge?

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When in doubt, book it out

Whether you have already fallen in love with a craft, or you are just looking for inspiration, I have composed a comprehensive list of my favorite crafting books on amazon. I hope they help you get creative with the beloved craft of your choice or offer some inspiration or guidance on whatever new craft you are dipping your toes in.

Collage of crafty gift ideas for all ages with title text reading "complete crafty gift guides for everyone"

Still looking for the right crafty and creative gift?

Your cart is still empty and you haven’t found anything to satisfy your sense of mischief. Perhaps you are shopping for an entirely different reason. Maybe you are looking for the perfect gift to bring to that party you don’t want to go to hosted by that frenemy that is more “nemy” than “fre.” These lists simply won’t do a trick in the kind of delicate situation in which you find yourself, my friend. What you need is our Crafty Gift Ideas Guide for the Children of your Enemies. Ah, there that’s better, innit? Well, I do aim to please.

Originally posted on November 21, 2018.


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