Christmas Candle Carousel by Kiwi Crate Review

January 24, 2022 |
Christmas Candle Carousel fully assembled from Kiwi Crate

One of my favorite Black Friday finds were these holiday Kiwi Crate kits that you could purchase individually.  I purchased the Christmas Candle Carousel, Ice Skating Rink, and the Santa and Snowman Wobblers. The kits arrived last week, and we got started with The Christmas Candle Carousel Kit today. 

Fond Memories

My husband lived in Germany when he was little, and most of our Christmas decorations reflect his memories of that time.  Our tree is covered in handcrafted Steinbach ornaments, and we have nutcrackers all over the house year round.  When I saw this kit, I knew it was going to be the perfect family activity to make new memories out of old.

Several parts for the Christmas candle carousel are spread on the workspace
The pieces are well constructed and easy for the kids to manipulate. I wish there had been four characters so no one had to draw the short end of the stick with decorating the gift.

Parts & Assembly

We started working on the kit by pulling out all the included parts, and I was both pleased and relieved to see that it came with 4 unscented tea light candles. (It’s always a relief when kits actually come with everything you need!)  My 9 year old took over the task of reading the instructions and explaining the tasks to the rest of us, including her 4 year old brother. We each picked a character from the 4 included (a penguin, a gingerbread cookie, a snowman, and a gift. I’ll give you three guesses who got the gift, hah). There were two sticker sheets included with all sorts of little decorations to use for both the characters and the larger Christmas tree.  The kids did great with their decorations, and I really appreciated how easy the stickers were to peel. In fact, all the pieces included in the kit were very easy for the kids to prep, pull apart, and assemble.

Christmas Candle Carousel is coming together at the hands of my 4 year old
My 4 year old really enjoyed putting the sticky parts on for the assembly. I was relieved to see that none of the parts had to be aligned perfectly, so that task could be his entirely.

Fun & Educational

I would say the entire kit took a leisurely 20 minutes to assemble. I think they kids could have easily put the vast majority of it together on their own, but my husband and I really enjoyed working on it with them. Once everything was put together, we talked about fire safety and found a safe space for our new Christmas Candle Carousel to sit. 

My husband lit the candles, and it fired up great conversations about aerodynamics and conversion currents. The kit comes with some basic information, but it also makes for a fun educational rabbit hole. If you are looking for more opportunities to learn about Christmas Carousels (or Christmas Pyramids, as they are more commonly known), checkout some of these resources below:

A child peers through the arc of the christmas candle carousel being built
He was trying to figure out how everything would come together while waiting on his sister to dictate construction.

Kid Tested & Kid Approved!

I would definitely recommend this Kiwi Crate to anyone who wants a fun, easy Christmas craft for the family, but it would also make a wonderful gift for kids age 4 and up.  Honestly, I recently broke my foot and it has been hard having to adjust our plans to fit this new normal. I am so glad I had this crafting kit on hand because it was perfect for us to complete on a little table next to the couch while mom was out of commission.  There are some small parts/screws involved in the assembly, but they all came enclosed in the little dishes that you will later used for the candles.  It was easy to keep everything together, even with four little hands going through everything.

Christmas Candle Carousel by Kiwi Crate Review Pin

Be Prepared

Definitely have some extra tea lights on hand so you can enjoy your Christmas Candle Carousel all season long.  Our Candle Carousel has been going for several hours on the candles provided, but I know it will soon be time to refresh the supply.  The carousel is such a sweet, soothing visual for the whole family to enjoy. I’m looking forward to keeping it for years to come.

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The products for this review were purchased and provided by me.

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Originally posted on December 21, 2021.


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