Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals | Giveaway [2023]

November 26, 2023 |
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Black Friday is quickly approaching–or has it already arrived?. With all these Early Black Friday Deals, it’s hard to keep track of holiday prep and sort out which sale reigns supreme. I’m keeping my eyes out for great Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals, and I will be posting them both here and on our Facebook page. Whether you are looking for craft supplies, crafting kits, creative gift ideas, or display deals for your own arts & crafts business, you can find lots of Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals deals being added throughout the week below.

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Black Friday Craft Deal Categories

Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals change quickly and cover a variety of subjects, frequently making them hard to find and sort through. I am going to group everything under main categories to hopefully help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

A row of canopies can be seen going down the street. It is evening and the canopies are multiple colors. All sorts of arts and crafts can be seen on the tables at this event on Race Street in Fort Worth

Booth Displays, Setup & Decor

This is a great time of the year to get big discounts on everything you need to get started with your own small business setup at arts & crafts events. With that in mind, let’s get started with a full list of Black Friday Deals on the most popular vendor booth supplies, canopies, display items, portable power options, and quite a lot more! Prices below will either reflect the current best price or the price point you are looking for to snag a great deal.

Canopies, Carts, Checkouts, Etc.

Tablecloths, Displays, Decor, Etc.

Portable Power, Cooling, Lights, Etc.

white cricut maker 3 cuts shapes out of a pink piece of cardstock with a green mat underneath

Craft Tech & Gear

The Creative Zone is more tech savvy than ever, and Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals are the best time to take your crafting to the next level without breaking the bank. From Cricuts to cutters, smart lamps, powerpresses, and more, this is where you can find Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals on all that arts & crafts gear you’ve been dreaming about.

Crafting / Cutting Machines

Crafting Machine Accessories

Sewing, Embroidery, & Sergers

Heat Presses

Light Pads, Lamps, and Assorted Lighting

a table full of craft supplies including glue, paints, paint brushes etc

Arts & Crafts Supplies

For every whim and fancy, there is a craft to go along with it. Whether you love sketching, designing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, sewing etc, there are plenty of supplies to stock up on and they can get expensive fast. Use these Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals to save yourself a pretty penny or two.

Pens, Pencils, Markers, Etc

Heat & Glue Guns, Etc.

Knit & Crochet Accessories

Diamond Painting Accessories

Cutting Tools

Baking Tools & Supplies

An embroidery hoop with carded floss and other kit supplies are laid out on a table

Crafting Kits & Creative Gifts

Crafting Kits are the gifts that keep giving. Whether you are starting a new hobby yourself or trying to help a loved one find their creative outlet, crafting kits can be an easy and affordable way to test the waters on a new hobby or two. Crafting Kits can be a great escape from a stressful day or a wonderful way to give someone an experience they can enjoy over and over again. Here are a few of our favorite Crafting Kits & Creative Gifts featured in the Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals:

Fiber & Bead Art Kits

Misc Crafting Kits

Collage of crafty gift ideas for all ages with title text reading "complete crafty gift guides for everyone"

More Gift Guides & Product Reviews

If you’re on the fence about one of the products above, be sure to check out our Product Reviews for a little more info and help making an educated retail decision. And don’t forget, we have EVEN MORE great Gift Ideas & Crafting Kits on our Complete Crafty Gift Guides for All Ages as well as tons of great Vendor Must-Haves on our Vendor Guides Part I & Part II. But wait, that’s not all…

Several small balls of colorful yarn sit atop a robin's egg blue table with knitting needles to the side

Collaborate & Win [Giveaway]

There are SO many great Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals out there, you are sure to find that perfect something to compliment your own hobby or help someone along on their own creative journey and save a few bucks along the way. I will be watching deals and updating these lists as I can, so keep checking back through Cyber Monday!

I love hearing about your favorite craft supplies, gadgets, tech, vendor must-haves, and more! Drop down in the comments below to share your favorite must-have arts, crafts, or vendor supply and be entered to WIN a $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD! For a bonus entry, visit our Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals post on Facebook or Instagram and leave a comment there as well! This Giveaway ends Tuesday, November 28th, 2023. Winner will be announced by December 1st, 2023.

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Originally posted on November 21, 2023.


15 thoughts on “Black Friday Arts & Crafts Deals | Giveaway [2023]”

  1. Knitter here!

    I love a knitting light, especially this time of year. I work with a lot of dark yarn so it’s really helpful to take the strain off of my eyes.

  2. I’ve been on the lookout for a mandala dotting beginners kit (not the stone painting ones w/ the silicone templates) to help with anxiety. One of my favorite things to work with is resin. I get a particular brand called Sig Wong. It’s much cheaper than what the higher quality brands have. It does get bubbles but after having worked with it for about 6 months now I know how to reduce the bubbles w/o a pressure pot. Their alcohol inks are on par with Let’s Resin’s and come in larger bottles. They’ve slowly started adding more and more to their Amazon store. Best part is every order of resin comes with 3 foils, some holo flakes, stir stick, sometimes glitter in the larger sized resin kits.

  3. I love to create fun and unique items with my Silhouette and Cricut!! I also scrapbook and love to make wedding and baby scrapbooks for my friends! I enjoy roaming the aisles at Michael’s to look for items to craft with!!


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