Best Texas Winter Memes [2024]

January 22, 2024 |
Angry mailbox snowmen yell at text that reads "texas winter memes"

Many native Texas animals are stocking up on food and hunkering down for the quick and intense Winter coming our direction. Similarly, I have gathered up my memes, snuggled down into the couch, and I am ready to keep you warm with laughter and cold weather company via the Best Texas Winter Memes the internet has to offer. And yeah, I guess that means we officially have a full series of Texas Weather Memes posts! From our original Texas Heat Memes post, to our Texas Fall Memes, we are now graduating into the Best Texas Winter Memes!

Texas Winter Weather Memes

a person sits on a couch in a giant octopus throw/sweater in orange.  You cannot see their face or any part of their body.

No ordinary sweater will due when it comes to Texas. We experience Winter in about 4 days, so it’s important to go full body and full style when dressing in your winter best.

Charlie Day stands in front of a board filled with papers and a red string going everywhere. He is wide eyed and looking crazy.

Snow in Texas is it’s own science. Could be anything, could be nothing but one thing is for sure: you can’t have the Best Texas Winter Memes without a whole slew of snow jokes.

Jon Snow is wearing a short sleeve shirt in one cell and a parka covered in snow in the other.  the top reads "meanwhile in texas" and the bottom reads "Thursday | Monday"

Texas fashion demands flexibility. You may leave the house when it’s 60 and come home when it’s 16 out. Layers, people. Lots of layers.

a marquee sign covered in snow reads "it's like winter is mad and keeps storming out, then coming back yelling 'and another thing!'"

Storming in, storming out… either way it’s storming in Texas for half of winter. Hail, strong winds, ice, snow… it’s all dealers choice and who knows what weather Texas is choosing which is why there are so many great Texas Winter Memes.

oil on canvas shows milk, toilet paper, and bread on a wooden table. Image reads "snow predicted, oil on canvas"

Some call it fine art, but I call it one of the Best Texas Winter Memes. Have you stocked up for Texas Winter yet?

Matthew mcconaughey smokes a cigarette while looking at his cell phone.  The text above reads "Texans looking at the weekend forecast and remembering February of 2021"

Things Texans remember: The Alamo and February 2021. I think this will be one of the Best Texas Winter Memes for a while simply because it’s going to take a long, long time for Texans to forget how long ERCOT left them without power in freezing weather. For us, it was 4 days. And that’s why I have several power banks and backup batteries now.

several photos of car accidents in progress in snowy weather with the text "first snowflake drops, traffic:"

You simply could not have the Best Texas Winter Memes without a fine selection of “don’t drive in that” memes. This is one of my favorites. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, Texas is not equipped to deal with icy roads.

Person sits on the couch in a deep, fluffy, hoodie on their phone. You cannot see their face.  Next is a screen shot of their phone.  text reads "texans when winter finally pulls up" and an image of putting their phone on do not disturb

Out of Office Reply: “Texas is closed. We may be back tomorrow. We may be back next week. No one knows. Stay tuned.”

a bright blue texas reads "texas is closed. We are busy trying to find our faucet covers."

No one really knows where faucet covers come from or where they go, but you better find them before the freeze, Cotton Eye Joe.

A blue background with text that reads if it snows, please stay home. When you learn to drive in the sun, we will discuss driving in the snow.

Half of y’all haven’t even figured out your blinkers yet. Stay home. This weather is not for you.

a dog is fully wrapped in a stretchy blanket and sits on a white couch. Text reads "friends: so do you have plans this weekend? me:"

Couch burritos for EVERYONE!

Text on a black background outlines that absolutely anything is possible when it comes to texas weather

All things are possible in the Great State of Texas.

three images show a beautiful sunny day, a tornado, and a snow storm, with time stamps throughout the same day

I put on my warmest clothes, opened the door, and it was 60 out. Later, I went back out in summer clothes, and it was 20 degrees. That’s about when I settled on pajamas and the couch again.

Text reads "texas weather just be throwing out temperatures like Powerball numbers 32 73 56 9 47"

When Texas plays the Winter Weather Lottery, no one wins. (Except for the Best Texas Winter Memes.)

pink background with text that reads "my favorite winter activity is going. back inside where it's warm and putting pajamas on"

Pajamas until Spring, baby!

an extremely snowy landscape with text that reads "on a positive note... I haven't seen mosquitos in weeks."

Well, when you put it like that… Snow Day, take me away!

Angry mailbox snowman yells at text that reads "texas winter memes"

More Texas Winter Weather Memes

As sure as folks will continue to send me hilarious Texas Weather Memes, Winter Weather Memes, Snow Memes, etc I will continue to update this post! Check DFW Craft Shows periodically to enjoy a treasure trove of Texas Weather Memes as we continue to experience seasons in the only way Texans know how: with much drama.

On the left, a red snowflake frozen in ice hangs from a tree. On the right, an ice suncatcher full of nature. Text reads "how to make ICE decorations"

Looking for a fun winter activity?

One of the things that Texans are best at: pivoting. Our Fall activities that were previously slated for the weekend have been shelved, and it’s time to take advantage of those very few days of below freezing weather when we can do all sorts of freezing activities (mostly from the warmth of our own homes). Check out our Ice Ornaments Tutorial on how you can have a little fun when things go ice, ice, baby.

Originally posted on January 12, 2024.


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