Best Texas Heat Memes [2023]

August 18, 2023 |
orange and yellow background with heat waves and large text that reads "texas heat memes"

I think I have collected so many Texas Summer Memes at this point that it only makes sense to pile them together and share the wealth. If you haven’t been counting, DFW has now reached over 38 days of temperatures exceeding 100° degrees, sporting 18 consecutive days of triple digit temps. (Only 18 days?! Really?!)

What is a Texan to do other than make jokes and laugh our way through one of the hottest summers since 1986? Without further ado, here are several Texas Heat Memes to help you laugh your way through this unrelenting Texas Summer.

Texas Heat Memes

meme: everyday i wake up and it's too hot. banging walls, crying

If that doesn’t sum up Texas Summers, I don’t know what does.

skeleton being blown apart by fire with caption I'm going to go outside and enjoy the nice breeze. the breeze:

We are basically living in an air fryer.

Ron Swanson glares next to forecast of triple digit temps and the text "here comes the sun"

I have Resting Ron Face pretty much every time I am forced to open the door.

Brad Pitt stands staring at a table full of paperwork with words "ERCOT trynna figure out how to convince Texans that 95 is "room" temperature

Of course, no Texas Heat Memes would be complete without a few good ERCOT memes as well. They really did try to convince us, bless their hearts.

wheel of fortune board that's empty with text "loses power in hot & cold" with 5 letters

Honestly, this could go two ways. I’d like to buy an “E”, please.

A woman wears a necklace of ice with text "summer fashion in texas"

At this point, anything is worth a shot.

tweet reads ERCOT last winter: look, the grid's just not built to handle cold" ERCOT summer '22: y'all ain't gonna believe this but turns out the grid can't handle heat either lol"

In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Texans learn that ERCOT is not just woefully unprepared for cold weather–they are woefully unprepared for weather in general.

orange gradient background with text "remember to drink lots of water and stay indoors between the hours of 2AM and forever"

If you need me, I will be in the freezer section of Costco until November.

wicked witch of the east melting with text "them: don't be so dramatic this summer me:"

This feels like a personal attack. I am here for Texas Heat Memes, not judgement.

an illustration by Gaby Micciche
Illustration by Gaby Micciche

For the first time ever, I am ahead of schedule!

flip flops made of ice trays with text "flip flops for the texas heat"

These are going to go great with my new necklace!

Big tex on fire with text "dallas be like it's summer, folks!"

Too soon, internet. Too soon.

bottle cap sits outside with the text "new texas rain gauge"

I think I felt a raindrop last week, but it might have just been my imagination.

the office meme with pam yelling as ercot "stop using energy" and michael yelling back as texas residents "you know what, i'm gonna start using energy even more!"

I believe it’s called demand avoidance?

illustration showing texas closer to the sun than earth

HAH, I knew it!

Church sign that reads "too hot to keep changing sign. Sin bad, jesus good, details inside"

Fair enough.

man standing at a fire with text "opening your front door today in texas"

It’s not that I don’t want to check my mail, I just can’t.

sponge bob on fire vs fish on fire but doesn't care with text "people who visit texas vs people who live in texas"

Just another day in the oven.

a man looks at a single water drop and asks "is this rain" with the text "live footage of north texas"

Remember when water used to fall from the sky and everything outside wasn’t in a state of crisis?

ceiling fans melting with text "the best way to explain texas summers to someone who does not live there

For what it’s worth, I am surrounded by some excellent fans that have not melted (yet).

super mario game with angry sun trying to destroy mario with text that reads "that's texas"

Everyday, he’s hustlin’.

sponge bob on fire being tucked in by the sun with text "but oh, those summer nights"

John Travolta tried to warn us.

faucet with labels "hot water" and "not as hot water" and text that reads "you may be from texas if you understand this"

I have to double check at least twice a day.

cartoon of someone talking about how great texas is while melting by a slice of alan
Illustration by A Slice of Alan

If you can stand the heat to look at it, you will be blown away. (By the blazing breeze, of course.)

person in a sleeping bag in a full pool with text "me as soon as texas has its iconic 3 months of 100 heat"

Honestly, I thought Margaritaville would look… different.

ice cream truck melting into the sidewalk with text "meanwhile in texas"

I said I wasn’t going to chase you down, and I meant it, Sam. Now get out of the truck and stop being so dramatic.

texas heat meme with skeleton bewildered at triple digits

I don’t care how many times we do it, I will never stop being outraged when Texas starts pre-heating to triple digits.

A faucet emits fire with text that reads "cold tap water in texas"

I stood at the sink for a good 5 minutes waiting for the water to get cold before I remembered that Texas is secretly located on the surface of the sun.

relationship status graphic reads "in a relationship with Air Conditioner"

If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m not leaving my bae until October. Not for anyone. Not for anything. Sorry not sorry.

Complete the look graphic with ice necklace and ice flip flops

All together now! When the temps have been over 100 for over 11 days, it’s time to go all in with a fashion forward statement that says, “I am melting and out of ideas.”

woman stands with her hands on her knees, panting in the summer heat.  Text reads "me trying to get to my car:"

Go on without me. Tell the people how hard I tried to make it across my driveway. Remind them of my bravery when it was 109 degrees out.

text reads "News: deadly heatwave is coming.  Texans: you mean summer?" with a picture of Walburg

Every time I post a heat meme on Facebook, I have someone saying, “What’s the big deal? It’s summer. It happens every year.” This memes for y’all.

statue is having its face heat torched and text reads "what the breeze in texas feels like"

I have been wondering how to describe the sensation of being lightly pan seared every time I walk outside. This isn’t exactly it, but I feel like it’s a pretty good representation of how miserable it is the SECOND you step outside in 109 degree weather.

sorry for what I said when it was 109 degrees outside

It’s hostile out there. Not just the weather, but every single person you encounter is being cooked alive and has no bandwidth for being civil. Texans have all but given up friendly greetings. Everyone is hustling and thinking “Just move out of the way so I can get back in the A/C!”

white background with quiz format, text reads "1.) I am a: male, female, texas resident 2.) Seeking male, female, a cold front"

This Texas resident is seeking a cold front, a downpour, and a slight breeze. Please provide all 3 *in moderation*. TIA

black background with text that reads "wanna know what liing in Texas is like? Take a hot shower. Don't dry off. Put on all your clothes."

This feels pretty accurate. Today it was 110 and it felt like my clothes were melting into my skin. Let’s be honest, I’m not sure the junk mail is worth the trip to the mailbox.

a man sits indoors, under an umbrella with a fan on his lap, clearly hot.  Above him is a bright orange background with white text that reads "Texas heat memes"

More Texas Heat Memes

As sure as folks will continue to come up with clever new Texas Heat Memes, I will continue to update this post with as much Texas Summer humor as I can find. Keep laughing, my friends, and try to stay cool.

a bright blue and yellow background with a sun sunglasses and palm leaves. Text reads "how to stay cool at outdoor events"

Not a big fan of the heat?

Well, that puts you in the company of about 28 million other folks, give or take a few Texans. I can’t make this unrelenting heat go away, and I know these Texas Heat Memes will only take you so far. When you need an extra boost, an extra breeze, or an extra break from this intense Texas Summer, check out How to Stay Cool at Outdoor Events. I know, I know, it says for outdoor events, but at this point, I’m using my outdoor survival tips to keep comfy inside too. Good luck!

Originally posted on August 03, 2022.


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