Best Texas Fall Memes [2024]

January 12, 2024 |
A person stands in front of a forest in the Fall wearing a nice, tailored suit, with a carved pumpkin on their head. Text reads "Texas Fall Memes"

Alright, it’s official… everyone I know is tagging me in memes, and I’ve now gathered enough Fall Memes to start a new post! I guess means I am turning our original Texas Heat Memes post into only one part of a full Texas Weather series. So come along and join me as we graduate from OMG IT IS SO HOT memes to the PUMPKIN EVERYTHING memes. Bon appetite!

Texas Fall Weather Memes

man with jack-o-latern on head with text that says "Other people: it's still summer there's no need to rush into fall; Me:"

Sorry, can’t hear you from deep within the spirit of Falloween.

A list of Texas' 12 seasons, showing we are trapped in Second Summer

I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t know if this is a Texas Heat Meme or a Texas Fall Meme, but I do know one thing: I’m laughing AND crying.

a cat wears a scarf amoungst fall foilage with text that reads "friends: it's still 86 outside" me:"

I mean, most days I wish it WAS 85 degrees out. This is Texas Fall Weather, folks. Imma be wearing that sweater as soon as it hits 90.

The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus gasp at the text "when someone says they're not that excited about Fall"

I’m sorry, but after months of triple digit weather, I would truly like to know WHO is “not that excited” for Fall.

Fall leaves are covered by text joking about how the UK calls it Autumn because of latin roots and the US calls it fall because leaves fall down

If only the temperature would start falling as well. What, is Texas Fall waiting for a formal invitation? You are cordially invited to stop melting my face off, kthnxbai.

A rotting jack-o-latern melts with text "my face when I insist on being in fall mode but its still 176 degrees outside"

Nothing can stop me now, I’m heading to Fall Weather with or without you, Texas.

as soon as 1 leaf hits the ground, the party starts.  collage of people partying with pumpkins

Chants: Halloween! Halloween! We’ve got the Halloween Memes!

A pie chart titled "FYI there are actually only 2 seasons" is 98% shaded with "fall" and 2% shaded with "waiting for fall"

It’s hard to argue with a pie chart, ESPECIALLY one that looks a lot like pumpkin pie.

A cat is bathed in a beam of sunlight with caption "me as soon as 1 leaf hits the ground"

Angels sing every time my weather app shows temperatures in the 80s.

Leo meme covered in pumpkins and pumpkin spice things

Pumpkin spice everything, pumpkins everywhere, cold weather drinks, orange, reds, and yellows…. let’s do this thing!

chris farley meme yelling WHERE IS THE FALL WEATHER while wearing a beanie and holding a pumpkin

WHY IS IT 90 DEGREES OUTSIDE AGAIN!? Yes, rhetorical question. It’s hard to enjoy all these Texas Fall Weather Memes when the Texas Weather can’t even decide if Fall is happening this year.

board with letters reads "its officially wear a sweater in the morning and regret it in the afternoon weather"

I’m not sure we are there yet… but any day now I will be dressing optimistically in the morning and fully regretting it by lunch.

Trees covered in fog and the caption IN TEXAS WE DONT HAVE FALL WE HAVE HOTUMN

I’ve been calling it Falloween, but Hotumn is much more clear and clever. Folks, it is suppose to be Autumn, but instead it is just hot. And humid. And hot. All the time. 0/10 stars, do not recommend.

A woman stands with her hands on her knees squinting into the distance with the text "me looking out the window in the morning to see what season we doing today"

Fall means checking the weather every single morning to figure out if it’s The Return of Summer, Fake Fall, Actual Fall, or even Early Winter. Throw a monsoon or two in there. Tada, it’s Texas!

a fluffy dog runs through a giant pile of leaves with text OMG ITS FALL

May all 6 days of Fall Weather in Texas make you feel as happy as this pupper.

meme with black bg and white text reads "Texas: Hey Fall, you coming? Fall: Yeah, me and Winter about to pull up right now."

Why spread out your seasons when you can have all of them in one day?

A person stands in front of a forest in the Fall wearing a nice, tailored suit, with a carved pumpkin on their head.

More Texas Fall Weather Memes

As sure as folks will continue to send me hilarious Fall Weather Memes and Halloween Memes, I will continue to update this post! Check DFW Craft Shows periodically to enjoy a treasure trove of Texas Weather Memes from Summer to Fall and any other season that happens to experience in the most drastic way possible.

A carved pumpkin sits on hay next to the title "favorite pumpkin patches in dallas/fort worth"

Looking for Pumpkins?

Ready to find your own Fall wonderland, packed full of pumpkins, haystacks, and all kinds of Halloween vibes? Well, you are in luck! Every year we publish a comprehensive list of all our favorite Pumpkin Patches across the North Texas (Dallas Fort Worth area and beyond). If you decide to turn any of those perfectly pumpkin photos into memes… well you know where to find me.

Originally posted on September 16, 2023.


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