Vendor Picks: 7 Artists You Need to Know From Arts Goggle ’19

May 14, 2022 |
Collage of the artists featured including woodworking, metal craft, soaps, paintings, and embroidery

I honestly did not think we were going to be able to make it over to Fort Worth this weekend, but the clouds parted in our busy schedule and I was super excited to hit Near Southside and see what Arts Goggle 2019 had to offer.  Folks, it did not disappoint. The weather was just lovely (look at that blue sky). Artists and crafters lined the streets as far as the eye could see. We spent hours going booth to booth, and I’m not sure we saw even half the talented vendors setup at Arts Goggle this year.

Black street sign reads "Near southside" with an outline of a building, the sign is against a blue sky with a red building in the background
Near Southside street sign in Fort Worth, Texas, photo by DFW Craft Shows

Arts Goggle 2019

Driving up to Arts Goggle always feels like approaching the Disney World of arts & crafts. I pressed my face against the window, watching booth after booth pass us by, all the while wondering where we would start and how we would see it all. North Texas artists and crafters lined the streets. Canopy after canopy crowded the streets until they blended into the horizon.  More than 1,000 artisans flooded the streets that day, and the sheer magnitude of talent was breathtaking.

The street is lined with arts & crafts booths. Canopies, mostly white and blue, can be seen stretching off the horizon. A large group of people can be seen going booth to booth.
Booths lined the streets for Arts Goggle 2019, photo by DFW Craft Shows

It is not humanly possible to see everything there is to see at Arts Goggle in one trip. I tried. I always do. My feet are almost as painful as the process of trying to narrow down my vendor selections to share with you. But it was worth it, I have no regrets!

vivid, colorful painting of a panther chameleon in red, blue, and green with a blue gradient background
Chameleon by Byron Moss, photo by DFW Craft Shows

Art of Distinction by Byron Moss

facebook | instagram

One of the first booths that we came upon was Art of Distinction by Byron Moss.  Byron’s paintings are so vibrant, they practically jump off the canvas.  This chameleon was absolutely stunning to see in person.  Panther Chameleons happen to be one of my favorite animals, so this was a real treat for me. I took a dozen pictures of this painting, and none of them truly do his work justice.

A black large metal dinosaur sculpture stands several feet tall
Metal Dinosaur by Woodpost Metalworks, photo by DFW Craft Shows

Woodpost Metalworks

website | facebook

If the chameleon stopped me in my tracks, you can imagine what the whole family thought about this 4FT metal dinosaur lurking behind Woodpost Metalworks’ booth wall.  It was an absolute show stopper for the kids, but even they had to squeeze past a crowd of adults to get a closer look.  The intricate work and perfectly cut and assembled pieces resembled the most amazing 3D puzzle I had ever seen.

Mixed media artwork, a person with medium length hair and pink lips stands to the left next to a group of small birds and flowers, each object has varied patterns and colors on it
Twist of Pink by Jana McLaughlin, photo by DFW Craft Shows

Twist of Pink by Jana McLaughlin


Sometimes the hardest part about doing an event this large is standing out in a sea of artists–Jana McLaughlin of Twist of Pink does not have this problem. Her booth is actually an air-conditioned, mini-trailer/ studio decorated inside and out with her adorable mixed-media art, cards, and more.  This bright, cheerful piece captured my heart, and I think I’ve looked at this photograph daily since we left.  

Embroidery hoops are displayed with intricate stitching of realistic profiles and cacti
Embroidery by Craft Made Goods, photo by DFW Craft Shows

Craft Made Goods

instagram | etsy

Craft Made Goods is one of those artists that brightens my day every time she pops up on Instagram, but seeing her work in person was a next level experience.  Photographs really cannot do justice to the level of detail and heart that she pours into each and every one of these hoops. 

Shelves of bath products packaged in burlap bags hanging from twine. Kraft boxes can be seen above.
Soaps and Sundries by Clover Hollow Soaps, photo by DFW Craft Shows

Clover Hollow Soaps

instagram | etsy

I will admit that after about an hour and a half of looking at arts & crafts, my 2 year old was feeling very done and I was starting to feel a bit stressed.  How was I going to see everything I wanted to see with a grumpy toddler on my hands?  And then we turned the corner and stumbled into an oasis.  If ever a booth display exuded peace, self care, and luxury, it was this gorgeous set-up by Clover Hollow Soaps.  It was everything I needed to reset, recharge, and tackle one last aisle before waving the white flag.  

Crocheted ray gun display shows one ray gun with display arrows highlighting features and several more ray guns beneath
My First Ray Gun by Cat Can Crochet, photo by DFW Craft Shows

Cat Can Crochet


I am a sucker for a good booth display, and even more so for a product with a good story. That is exactly what Cat Can Crochet delivers with her adorable crocheted creations and their equally adorable displays and graphics.  Did you know that 90% of babies are born without their own Ray Gun?  Devastating but true. You now have the power to help end this epidemic.

Wood craft booth with a sign that reads "best day ever" and a wooden llama with a decorative blanket design
Woodworking by Wind and Roots, photo by DFW Craft Shows

Wind and Roots


I could not have said it better myself–and I certainly could not have said it as beautifully.  The very talented Wind and Roots combines fantastic graphic design and impeccable woodworking into delightful works of art that perfectly wrapped up our trip to Arts Goggle this year.

Collage of the artists featured with the text "7 amazing local artists from arts google 2019." Collage shows woodworking, metal craft, soaps, paintings, and embroidery

Impressed and Inspired

Arts Goggle 2019 was an invigorating and inspirational showcase of North Texas talent that the whole family enjoyed.  My 6 year old daughter came home convinced that she was going to be host an art show of her own with plans to dedicate all the proceeds to her elementary school. She has been sketching and coloring ever since.  And because I am nothing if not an arts & crafts enabler, I even bought her tiny little frames for her work. I think coming away from an arts & crafts show filled with passion and excitement is an excellent sign of a successful show, don’t you?

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Originally posted on October 14, 2019.


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