7 Summer Fun Art Kits from DFW Artists

May 31, 2022 |
a collage of summer art kits with the text "7 summer fun art kits from local artists"

Summer is quickly approaching and thoughts of bored kiddos might be dancing in your head. While being bored is a great way to inspire and boost creativity, it’s always nice to have a few summer arts and crafts activities planned, whether for the kids, the adults, or the whole family!

We all know about the big companies with craft & science subscription boxes, but what I wanted to talk about today are the super fun crafting kits that you can get directly from local artists right here in North Texas. (Not local? Don’t worry! Almost all of the art kits below are available for shipping.)

Alcohol Ink DIY Kit features artwork example and supplies all neatly wrapped in a kraft box
DIY alcohol ink kits are therapeutic and fun. Photo credit: Seven Olives Design

1. Alcohol Ink DIY Painting Kits
by Seven Olives Design

website | facebook | instagram

Olivia at Seven Olives Design offers gorgeous alcohol ink DIY painting kits that are suitable for all skill levels, including folks who have no prior experience with alcohol inks. Seven Olives Design is a small business based out of Hurst, and their alcohol ink kits include everything you need to get started making your own artwork:

  • gloves
  • inks
  • pipettes
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • straws
  • non porous Yupo paper
  • instructions

You can find a ton of additional information about alcohol inks and order this DIY art kit by visiting their website.

Recommended age for these DIY alcohol ink painting kits is 13+ due to the nature of the materials involved.

Customized Name Painting Kit by Bits of Decor shows the name "Ariana" next to a unicorn, all carved in wood with a set of paints.
Name painting kits with adorable personalized wood signs. Photo credit: Bits of Decor

2. Personalized Name Paint Kits
by Bits of Decor

etsy | facebook | instagram

Jennifer at Bits of Decor offers these super cute personalized name painting kits in 4 different designs, and she keeps adding more! Bits of Decor is located in Fort Worth, and each of their painting kits includes:

  • personalized, laser engraved wood sign
  • acrylic paints
  • paint brush

These personalized name paint kits are such a fun way to let kids of all ages create and display their own art. They make great summer activity kits as well as a fun arts and crafts activity to incorporate into parties. She even offers these cute little personalized bags to store/gift your kit in. You can purchase your own personalized DIY name art kit here.

DIY String Art Cactus Kit by Lil Bits of Mona
Build your art from the ground up with these DIY string art kits. Photo credit: Lil Bits of Mona

3. DIY String Art Kits
by Lil Bits of Mona

website | facebook | instagram | etsy | twitter

Monica at Lil Bits of Mona offers a these awesome DIY string art kits with everything you need to get started making your own string art. Choose from nearly a dozen different designs, each just as much fun as the cactus design above. Lil Bits of Mona is based out of Grand Prairie, and each of their string art kits includes:

  • wood piece, hand-cut, sanded, and stained
  • nails
  • template with guide holes
  • string
  • instructions

DIY string art kits are the perfect way to get started in string art without having to spend a ton of prep time. You can find more details and order your own DIY string art crafting kit by visiting etsy or their website.

Recommended age for these string art kits really depends on the individual. Some children may be able to complete the project on their own starting around 7 years old, but I think a wide age range could enjoy this project with a little parental assistance.

rainbow glass mosaic suncatcher of a rainbow and a heart from darling creative
Fused glass kits are a fun way to create your own custom suncatcher. Photo credit: Darling Creative Works

4. Fused Glass Suncatcher Kit
by Darling Creative Works

website | facebook | instagram | twitter

Shawni is a glass-working wizard, and now you can get your own fused glass suncatcher kit and make some art magic of your own. Darling Creative Works is located in Northlake, and each of their fused glass kits includes:

  • clear blank base
  • colored glass

Using these materials and just a little bit of white school glue, you can create whatever design your heart desires. Once you have finished your masterpiece, let it dry for 24 hours, and then ship it back. Shawni will fire the design for you and pop it in the mail! You can read more and order your own fused glass suncatcher kit on Darling Creative Works.

Recommended age for these fused glass suncatcher art kits is 7+. Please keep in mind that glass does have sharp edges and supervise/help as needed.

Patriotic Wreath in red white and blue with small flags, made from Brown Custom Creations wreath kit
The Patriotic Wreath Kit will give your front door a whole new look. Photo credit: Brown’s Custom Creations

5. DIY Wreath Kit
by Brown’s Custom Creations

website | facebook | instagram

You may have seen Stephanie hard at work on Facebook. Her business, Brown’s Custom Creations, is well known for their live wreath-making tutorials. I was super excited to learn that you can now purchase full wreath kits and work right alongside her videos! Brown’s Custom Creations is based out of Crowley, and each of their wreath making kits includes:

  • sign
  • red and white mesh
  • 2.5″ ribbon
  • 1.5″ ribbon
  • 14″ elevated wire wreath frame
  • chenille stems
  • foam pieces

Stephanie offers several different designs for her wreath making kits, and you can find them all at Brown’s Custom Creations.

Recommended age for these DIY wreath kits will depend on the individual. Teens, young adults, and adults should have no problems completing their own wreath, but the project also offers plenty of collaborative opportunities for little ones to join in on the decorating.

play dough in play surrounded by several toys and and tools from sensory kit like rolling pin, construction truck, street signs etc
Sensory Play Dough Kits by CVA Products come with a large number or toys and tools from various themes. Photo credit: DFW Craft Shows

6. Sensory Play Dough Kits
by CVA Products

website | facebook | instagram

This sensory play dough kit by CVA Products offers a ton of imaginative play for kids of all ages. Trang makes her own play dough, and each kit provides you with a variety of toys and tools to extend your play and sensory experience. CVA Products is located in Keller, and each of their sensory kits comes with:

  • homemade, all natural play dough
  • cookie cutter
  • rolling pin
  • variety of other themed tools and toys

You can choose between two different theme packs and find even more details about each on CVA Products.

Recommended age for these sensory play dough kits is 3+ due to the small parts. As always, you will want to supervise (or join in!) sensory play for little ones.

a rainbow background surrounds a plate of naked sugar cookies, icing, and sprinkles by savvy k sweets
Create your own gorgeous cookies without the hassle of spending all day in the kitchen. Photo credit: Savvy K Sweets

7. DIY Cookie Kits
by Savvy K Sweets

facebook | instagram

Savvy K Sweets offers the best of both worlds: gorgeous custom cookies and DIY cookie kits. These DIY cookie kits are such a fun way to dip your toes into cookie decorating while incorporating arts and crafts into some of your favorite treats. Savvy K Sweets is based out of Richardson, and their cookie kits come with either:

  • iced sugar cookies
  • paint brush
  • paint palette


  • naked sugar cookies
  • pre-bagged, vibrant royal icing
  • complementary sprinkles.

You can check out all of Jimma’s awesome cookie creations on her Facebook page, or you can head straight to her custom order form.

Recommended age for these DIY Cookie Kits is pretty much everyone, so grab yours and get ready to enjoy creativity on a whole new level. Art has never tasted so good. (These cookie kits are not available for shipping due to Texas cottage bakery laws.)

a collage of summer art kits with the text "7 summer fun art kits from local artists"

So many summer art kit activities!

I hope this post has inspired you to shop small businesses and support artists directly when looking for fun arts and crafts activities to enjoy this summer. When the days are hot and the family is feeling restless, there is nothing better than breaking out a new crafting kit and watching their creativity bloom.


Reach out to local libraries as well as nearby science centers for additional activity kits and inspiration. Our local library offers activity kits throughout the summer, and our local biodiversity center has small, learner-led science kits for sale at very affordable prices. Most of the kits include hands-on, STEM experiences, and many of those activities are fun little crafts like making your own bird feeder or insect hotel.


When you have those days where it’s not so much about entertaining the family as it is about needing a break, please remember that arts and crafts can be therapeutic and provide a mental vacation for everyone, including you. Just saying.

kids playing at a craft show

Looking for fun events in North Texas?

Every week, I compile a list of upcoming arts & crafts shows, fairs, festivals, and classes happening around the extended Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex. Check out The Weekend Guide for ongoing opportunities to discover new artists, shop small businesses, support your local community, and have fun.

Originally posted on May 30, 2022.


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  1. Each of these ideas sound like a lot of fun and not difficult to do with the children. I especially liked “FUSED GLASS SUN-CATCHER KIT BY DARLING CREATIVE WORKS” suggestion. Thank you for sharing. ☺️

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

  2. These are some great tips! I love finding new ways to entertain and teach my kiddo. The libraries really do have some great things in them. I was impressed that some offer free museum tickets too, depending on the area. Amazing job!


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