12 Winter Crafts to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

November 16, 2022 |
a collage of several cute winter craft tutorials including decorative jars, wreaths and more

I’m not sure if it’s the stress of the last few years or what, but I find myself getting ready for Christmas earlier and earlier every year. I simply cannot get enough of the sparkling lights and festive decor. Perhaps it’s the gray skies and being chased back inside by the chill, but I have come to the conclusion that it is never too early to start your holiday celebration. Besides, we need a little extra time to make all that awesome DIY Holiday decor anyway.

If you are looking for inspiration on what handmade Christmas / Holiday decorations to make this year, I’ve gathered up a dozen of my favorite DIY Holiday Decor tutorials below. These tutorials vary in skill set and supplies. I have outlined what you might need on hand to get started in the descriptions below.

A winter themed wreath on a thin frame with a red bow on top and a house on the bottom
photo credit: confessionsofparenting.com

1. Pottery Barn Inspired Wreath

This adorable handmade wreath is the perfect modern take on a traditional decoration.  I think the stars and the tiny little windows are just dreamy, but the electric candles inside really score a perfect 10 on coziness. If you’ve been wanting a wreath for your holiday decor but haven’t found one your style, I definitely recommend giving this DIY wreath tutorial a go.

A Christmas tree shape made out of colorful scraps of red and green wrapping paper rolls.  There is a snowflake on top and a ribbon to hang it from.
photo credit: momswhosave.com

2. DIY Christmas Paper Ornament

My living room always looks like a wrapping paper battlefield after a busy night of gift wrapping and Christmas prep. This clever little DIY Paper Christmas Tree Ornament offers you the wonderful opportunity to reuse those scraps and turn them into fun and festive decor. I can imagine my entire family gathered around the dining room table making all sorts of fun ornaments out of our scrap paper.

A cozy chair with a handmade gnome snuggling in blanket next to a ghome themed pillow.  On the floor there is a book rack with another gnome sitting on a stack of books. The gnomes have big noses emerging from a forest of beard with cut little sleep hats on.
photo credit: kippiathome.com

3. Easy Gnomes DIY

You’ll never be gnome alone for the holidays when you’ve got these awesome friends to keep you company. And let’s face it, there’s just no place like gnome. Especially when gnome is where the heart is. (Yes, I can keep going. No, I will not apologize.). These DIY gnomes are such a cute little project to help give your holiday decor a little extra whimsy and warmth.

Three 8 pronged decorative paper stars dangle in front of a gray background.  One is gray and yellow, another is red, yellow, and white, and the third is red and white with polka dots.
photo credit: gatheringbeauty.com

4. DIY 3D Paper Star Decoration

Truth be told, hanging paper decorations is one of my go-to decorating favorites for ANY occasion. These DIY 3D Paper Star Decorations are impressive and festive–but they are also highly customizable, so keep that in mind the next time you are wandering down the paper aisle of your favorite craft store.

A wooden snowman smiles at the camera while leaning against a red brick wall.  He has a black top hat with an argyle ribbon around it and a matching scarf.
photo credit: happiestcamper.com

5. DIY Wood Snowman

If you live in North Texas, then you already know that this adorable craft might be the closest we get to snow. Then again, if you really live in North Texas, you have experienced at least two Snowmageddons in the last 3 years. All (weather) things are possible. Sure, the snow may be a gamble, but how cute this DIY Wood Snowman turns out certainly is not. Treat yourself to a hardy, happy snowman without risking a full power grid shutdown, that’s what I always say.

A cozy little snow scene sits inside a glass jar.  There is a small house with lights in the windows and a deer walking out front, surrounded by pine trees.  The jar sits on a fleece blanket with mistletoe, peppermints, and pinecones around it.
photo credit: francinesplaceblog.com

6. Snow Scene Jar

This cozy little miniature snow-scape will have you singing “Dashing Through the Snow” in no time. It’s the perfect winter weather scene to warm your heart and brighten your home without affecting your heating bill. Bonus: this DIY snow globe also acts as an excellent souvenir to remember the Texas Snow Storm of 2021. Or 2022. Get a little creative with that diorama, put some humor into it. Then gift one to all your friends, and send me a picture while you are at it. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

A decorative wooden banner spelling "JOY" hangs from a white fireplace mantle. The mantle is covered in fake pine needles.
photo credit: modpodgerocksblog.com

7. Joy Banner

You might be thinking that all our DIY Holiday Decor has left your mantle out in the cold, but I’ve got the perfect way to warm up the coziest space in your home. Create the perfect DIY word art for your home using this tutorial. Maybe you’ll even call in the kids and let them help you decorate it. Maybe.

Three mason jars sit on a wooden table.  The jars have been painted to look like a reindeer, Santa's suit, and a snowman's torso with three buttons.
photo credit: happiestcamper.com

8. Christmas Mason Jars

These DIY Christmas Mason Jars are just adorable for decor, on that we. can agree. But I keep thinking how super cute they would also be as packaging for a variety of little gifts, like homemade vanilla, or a delicious stash of hot cooca. What about those cookies in a jar mixes, or, my favorite, a small rosemary tree or planted herbs for a windowsill garden?

A wooden sign reads "days til christmas" and beneath it on a wooden rod hangs two fabric flags with the numbers "24" on them.
photo credit: adventuresofadiymom.com

9. Countdown to Christmas Sign

It’s not Christmas without a countdown. This DIY Countdown to Christmas Sign is a fun way to decorate the house and build anticipation without feeling like you need another advent calendar. Would you believe that we somehow ended up with 3 advent calendars last year? I thought. were going to be counting down til Easter!

A small village sits on a wooden table. The houses have been constructed out of old greeting cards.
photo credit: whatsupfagans.com

10. Mini Christmas Village with Old Holiday Cards

Do you stash away your holiday cards of yesteryears too? I always feel bad throwing them away, but at the same time… what future purpose will they serve?  This DIY Christmas Village is your moment of craft stash glory. Now you can use those old cards to build a Miniature Christmas Village! Or two! Or six! Build the entire metroplex! And then send me pics because I would love to see that.

An embroidered hoop with the word "joy" has been turned into a small wreath with pinecones on top. It hangs from a white door.
photo credit: momenvy.co

11. Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Hoop there it is! (Sorry not sorry.) This Handmade Embroidery Hoop Wreath is just full of possibility. You can choose to personalize your wreath with vinyl or just get stitchy with it. This wreath tutorial serves as inspiration for many well-rounded ideas on how you can add a lovely little accent to your home throughout the year.

A cozy white wreath made out of chunky, soft yarn sits on a wooden surface.  There are snowflakes woven into the yarn throughout the wreath.
photo credit: justthatperfectpiece.com

12. Braided Chunky Wreath

This soft, squishy, snowy, Handmade Braided Wreath is like all my winter dreams wrapped up into one perfect little braid.  I just love simple, straight forward crafts that make a big impact, and this DIY wreath feels like a quick, easy way to turn any home in to a winter wonderland.

Woohoo, winter craft vibes for the win!

Wreaths, miniatures, signs, oh my!  You’ve made it through 12 winter crafts to get you in the holiday spirit, and I’m feeling ho-ho-hopeful that you get some crafting time in soon because I want to see what you come up with. If you STILL find yourself feeling rather UNfestive and resistant to the impending festivities… well… we might have a bigger problem than just the weather.

The grinch stands with an xray over his heart revealing that it is indeed 2 sizes too small because he has not yet partaken in any winter crafts.

Kidding, I am just kidding. You will get there, friend. Be gentle with yourself. Sometimes you can craft yourself into a better mood, but sometimes you’ve just got to weather the (winter) storm until inspiration hits.

script text reads "happy crafting"
A collage of winter crafts shows a wooden snowman, decorative mason jars, a petite wreath, and a tiny village instead of jar.  On top of the collage, a title text reads "12 winter crafts to get you in the holiday spirit."
Originally posted on December 02, 2019.


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