Even the best content will fall flat without the right audience.  DFW Craft Shows' niche is one that is clearly defined--a community for all things arts & crafts.  We have grown and nurtured a targeted audience, both online and locally, that is eager and ready to connect with your brand.

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Grab their attention

Extra shout outs

Extra Shout Outs are the perfect way to boost your event's exposure.  These promotions, sent out across our expansive Facebook and Twitter followings, are excellent for filling those last few vendor spots, boosting attendance, showcasing your event, announcing sales, and more.

$19 $15

Existing event listing required.  ESOs are subject to approval & limited to 3 per week. Please include event name & vendor/shopper focus preference in notes.

Capture new leads

Instagram Feature

Instagram is the perfect platform to use beautiful, captivating visuals to connect with your niche both locally and worldwide.  An Instagram feature with DFW Craft Shows includes a personalized writeup and your stunning images to showcase your small business to our social network and beyond.


Subject to approval. Small businesses and local events only.

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Step into the spotlight

Facebook Feature

Are you struggling to expand your reach on Facebook? Looking to increase your exposure and expand your reach beyond your own followers?  A Facebook Feature is the perfect way to break out of your bubble and capture the attention of your target niche, whether they be customers, vendors, artists, or crafters.  Social media is constantly talking about new artists and businesses; it’s time to get them talking about you.


Build the hype

Live Event Coverage & Promo

The ultimate event coverage—tap into DFW Craft Shows’ expansive social media reach with on-site coverage on the day of your event. This package includes Facebook Live video, photography, and multiple posts on social media. Includes an Extra Shout Out posted the week prior to your event.



Live event coverage has been suspended indefinitely due to covid-19.

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work with us

Brand Relationships

Thank you for your interest in working with DFW Craft Shows.  As both the writer behind DFW Craft Shows and an avid crafter, I bring technical knowledge, creativity, and ingenuity to all of my endeavors.  DFW Craft Shows is available to partner up for many projects including, but not limited to:

  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Blog campaigns
  • Social media campaigns

Banner Ad Rates

Ads are billed per month.  There is no contract, and you may cancel at any time from the convenience of your personalized account screen.  Live statistics are provided and available 24/7 for your data tracking needs.

300 X 100 $19
200 X 200 $27
250 X 250 $35
300 X 250 $59
300 X 600 $67

Banner ads are subject to approval. Ads are billed monthly and start immediately upon approval.  Need to schedule your ad to begin at a later date?  No problem.  Purchase ads by the month here and include your start date in the order notes.  Ads for direct sales companies will be limited to prevent oversaturation.  Ad spaces are not eligible for refunds.