a woman wears a DFW Craft Shows shirt and poses in front of a long wall full of art that reads Good Vibes Only in Fort Worth Texas

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My name is Tania Cardenas and I run DFW Craft Shows.  My love of Arts & Crafts, like many people, reaches back to my childhood.  I grew up in small town Texas in a household that loved all things artistic and vintage; where creativity and ingenuity were always encouraged.  As a young adult, I pursued a career in the arts industry while creating personalized baby gifts in my downtime.  As my creations grew in popularity, my first small business, The Curious Cake Shoppe, was born.  All of my inventory was handmade by either myself or my mom--who was an absolute fiber-arts magician.

Dream Team

We delighted in sharing our creations with folks, via our website, local news, and craft shows all across DFW (Dallas / Fort Worth).  I was flabbergasted at how difficult it was to find booth info for upcoming events.  I began keeping an extensive events calendar with detailed reminders in order to plan the upcoming year.  At each event, I found myself surrounded by fellow vendors who were lamenting the very same struggle.  They were spending far too much time and effort simply trying to find events where they could connect with their local community.  That’s when I realized that all my hard work could benefit a lot of people. 

The street is lined with arts & crafts booths. Canopies, mostly white and blue, can be seen stretching off the horizon. A large group of people can be seen going booth to booth.
A stack of professionally designed business cards sits on a marble background. The front and back of the cards are both visible showing information about DFW Craft Shows.

A new chapter

That’s when I started DFW Craft Shows, a place to help vendors and events connect with their local community.  And though I have lost my mother and closed The Curious Cake Shoppe chapter in my life, DFW Craft Shows has remained a steadfast connection to the arts & crafts world that I love.

For over a decade, I have been combining my skills in marketing with my career as an artist, photographer, designer, and producer to help local events and vendors expand their reach and unlock the tools they need to be successful. I hope the information you find here helps you thrive in the arts and crafts kind of life that has brought me so much joy over the years.

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